Sports Libre Change at Empire

Back in November last year we posted a story from Simon McBeath about the Sports Libre contender he was planning with Empire Racing Cars.

The car has been ordered by Chris Cannell to join his Wiltshire-based stable of sports racers and will be powered by a blown Suzuki Hayabusa.

Simon has contacted us to say that his involvement in the project has unfortunately had to come to an end.

He said: ‘Simon McBeath has regretfully withdrawn from his involvement in the sports libre project currently being constructed by Bill Chaplin for Chris Cannell. McBeath, whose involvement was in a spare time capacity only, said ‘Bill needs to press on with the project at a pace that will meet his promised delivery date, and I simply don’t have the capacity to keep up. It’s a fact of life that my fee paying clients have to come first, and this of course is exactly why Bill has had to forge ahead too. So it’s best we make a clean break now, and we have done so very amicably. I wish Bill and Chris all the best with the project, and look forward to seeing what aero designs Bill comes up with!’

Hopefully the car will still be out towards the end of 2013 as expected.

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