Sports Unlimited

Although in the last few years the class has been struggling a little at National level, Gurston Down always seems to produce an eclectic mix of Unlimited Capacity Sports Libre cars, and last weekends event was no exception.

Nick Mann & Andy Russell discuss the Mannic

The expected front-runner in class was the spectacular 4×4, Turbine-charged Mannic-Beattie of Nick Mann. This car has been seen less than most would like in the last couple of years as Nick carries out yet more development work on this incredible self-built device.

Confused? You will be... Mannic engine bay.

After an aborted attempt to run the car at the Gurston clubby in mid-July, Mann was hoping for better results for the National. Nick led through practice, but then suffered a lack of boost and a stall on the line on his first competition run. This really put the pressure on and a banker was required for his second run, he still took the class by some distance but he was a half second or so away from his record.

Other interest in the class was provided by Hayley Thorne. The wife of Pilbeam single-seater driver Rodney was having her first run in her hubby’s older MP43 Pilbeam sportscar.

Hayley found the car, powered by a 5-litre Rover V8, a bit of a step up from her 2-litre Westfield but she improved steadily and annihilated her previous personal best by a good few seconds.

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