Spotted At… Loton Park!

It has just occurred to us that we managed to miss the final British Hillclimb Championship installment of our ever-popular ‘Spotted At…’ feature, so it is time to put the record straight!

There were simply masses of spectators at Loton Park for the season finale and title decider, as well as many former drivers, and a few other familiar faces including:

  • Robert Kenrick
  • Paul Parker
  • Jim Robinson
  • John & Julie Chalmers
  • Mike Turner
  • Paul Matty
  • John & Simon Rutland
  • Billy Cater
  • Mike & Diane Tregoning
  • Russ Ward
  • Andy & Sheila McBeath
  • Geoff & Nev Rollason
  • Gordon Marston
  • Neville Thompson
  • Phil Cooke
  • Emma Williams
  • Alan Goodwin
  • Graham Loakes
  • Andy Bougard
  • David Kemp, Tricia and DANGER MOUTH!

We are sure that there were many more there, so sorry if we didn’t spot you!

Loton Park Hillclimb

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