Spurious Story of the Week

Following on from a rediculous and frankly very uninformed story in Motorsport News (not by Our Correspondent I might add) a few weeks ago discussing how a washed up Formula 1 driver in a road car was going to beat Scott Moran’s Prescott Hilllcimb outright record, there now appears to be some back-pedalling going on.

Pierre Henri Raphanel, who qualified for 1 Grands Prix after 17 attempts in the late 80s, is due to be driving a Bugatti Veyron at Le Vie en Bleu at the Gloucestershire hill this weekend and rather than fail to beat the record after all of the hype, reports on Twitter today indicate that he will be unable to be timed on the course due to ‘insurance reasons’.

Maybe they just realised that 2000kgs of road car, against 450kgs of Gould (plus a load of downforce), just wasn’t going to cut la moutard….


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