Stripey Takes The Record

The last time we reported on the performance of Stripey the MX5 and his owner Paul “Webbo” Webster James got in trouble for referring to Stripey as a “hairdressers car”. As a result of which he’s now banned from reporting on Class 4a Roadgoing series production cars up to 2000cc.

Thus it falls to me to bring you news of 2 recordbreaking runs at Gurston this weekend.

After some impressive performances in practice on Saturday it would have been a surprise to all of us if Webbo hadn’t taken the record on Sunday. And take it he did.

As the sun rose over the Wiltshire countryside the Class 4a record stood at 39.15s. By lunchtime Webbo and Stripey had broken the record with a stunning 38.52 – an impressive 0.63 off the record!

Shortly after lunch (and some serious debate, see left) Webbo took to the hill again – and went even faster. So by the end of the day he’s knocked just under 1 second off the record which now stands at 38.19s.

We hope to see much more from this perfect pairing of man and motor as the stunning season continues.


  1. What was the final count on use of the phrase ‘New Techniques’ in ‘Commentator Bingo”?

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