Sue Smashes Recent Record

Having set a cracking new Ladies Hill Record at Prescott Hillclimb’s Midland Hillclimb Championship round back in June, the fastest lady in British Hillclimbing was at it again at the British Championship round last weekend.

Deryk Young Gould GR51B

Sue shares this Gould GR51B with her husband Deryk (thanks to


The Herefordshire driver, who runs the Gould-Judd GR51B which won consecutive BHC titles in the early noughties with Graeme Wight Jnr at the wheel, carved a further second or so from her two month old target during qualifying for the opening Top 12 Run Off.

Sue used the mighty grunt of the methanol-fuelled 4-litre Judd EV engine in the back of the Gould to blast her way in to the opening Run Off at the expense of her husband Deryk who shares the car with her.

Unfortunately a bogged start in the Run Off meant that Sue couldn’t repeat her 38.33s PB when the points were at stake and she finished out of the points.

Great stuff Sue!


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