Summers at Shelsley

Hot on the heels of the blog post last week about ‘Whizzo’ Williams and the ex. Dizzy Addicote Lotus-Buick 15 at Shelsley Walsh, we have found another blog mentioning the August National event at The World Famous venue.

Alex Summers DJ Firehawk

Summers at Gurston Down in May 2012


Worcestershire driver Alex Summers has been a sensation at the historic venue over the past couple of years with his supercharged Hayabusa powered DJ Firehawk.

In May 2011 Summers stormed to victory in the opening BHC Run Off with a brilliantly judged run on slicks in tricky conditions.

August 2012 saw another great performance as the 21 young old demolished John Chalmers’ very tough 2-litre record.

Some of Summers’ youtube videos have been spotted by US-based motoring website and one of his slower Shelsley runs has been featured as ‘Hoon of the Day’!

Great to see the sport getting some extra coverage!

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