Summers Changes Eras

With his DJ Firehawk still awaiting it’s re-worked and more powerful supercharged Hayabusa engine for 2012, Alex Summers again found himself without a car to drive.

Lola T140 Alex Summers

Having qualified the family OMS at Prescott, the smart money would have been on him sharing that car again. However instead his Father Richard allowed him to roll out the family’s recently restored Lola T140 F5000 car.

The monster of a car, which was built new in 1968 for Carl Haas, looked and sounded fanatastic as it growled its way through the Teme Valley.

Apparently Alex was in danger of serious personal harm from his Dad if he damaged the car, but he drove it brilliantly and tried, but didn’t push it too hard!


Alex set a time of 30.85s (and 119mph over the finish) to finish third in the pre-1971 Racing Car Class, less than 0.5s behind winner Richard Jones.

Thanks for bringing the car out, it was great to see it being used properly at Shelsley.


  1. Eddie Walder says:

    The Lola is pictured in Hardy Halls advert on p167 of June’s MotorSport magazine.

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