Summers Storms Shelsley

2011 2-litre ‘Find of the Year’ Alex Summers had a storming event at Shelsley Walsh claiming a good bundle of British Championship and also taking the 2-litre class record.

DJ Racecars

Billet steering wheel on the Summers’ Firehawk


The Worcestershire based driver, who claimed a surprise Run Off win at Shelsley last season, stormed the hill in afternoon qualifying to erase John Chalmers’ very tough record set in July 2011 with a time of 24.47s. Summers then went faster still in the Run Off to set a 24.15s PB.

There was a bit of a scare after first qualifying as a small engine problem looked like it might cause the car to retire from the event, but the willing helpers from DJ Racecars managed to solve the problem pretty quickly.

The nine points gained at Shelsley will certainly help Alex in his quest to get ahead of Richard Spedding and secure a coveted top 10 number for 2013, but as Alex is missing the Gurston Down event next weekend it may not be possible to make up the 14 point deficit to the Force PC driver.

Alex stressed the fact that Del Quigley and Mark Fisher are the two guys responsible for the performance of the car, as the engine work that they have put in together has transformed the package. I reckon Alex was being pretty modest, there seems to be a lot of talent behind the steering wheel as well.



  1. Joshua Anastasi says:

    Well done Alex…..that looked very quick!!

  2. Andy kittle says:

    Yes that looked quick and was quick

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