Summers Stuns at Damp Doune

Doune Hillclimb in Scotland is a very difficult challenge for drivers and cars alike with narrow, high speed shutes and some very tricky braking areas.

Alex Summers DJ Firehawk

Summers was mighty through the close confines of the Scottish hill (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Whilst they may lack the ultimate grunt and downforce of the big bangers, often smaller and more nimble cars excel on this high-speed test of nerve and commitment.

Back in 2003 the BHC title battle was raging between defending champion and local hero Graeme Wight Jnr (Gould-Cosworth GR51B) and newcomer Adam Fleetwood (Gould-NME GR55), but whilst all eyes were on the points table a young driver in a 2-litre took both Run Off wins and FTD. Using Leon Bachellier’s nimble Dallara F3 car to great effect, Ben Butterfield took all of the event headlines with what turned out to be his only career wins.

Scott Moran Trevor Willis

Scott & Trevor seal the extension of the 2013 ‘waterproof share’ arrangement (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


This year was very similar, as title chasers Trevor Willis and Scott Moran were upstaged on the day by the hard charging Alex Summers with the supercharged DJ Firehawk he runs in the 2-litre class.

Alex Summers has been getting faster and faster in recent months and many paddock wags have been suggesting that Run Off wins were due, Alex of course won his first Run Off at Shelsley Walsh back in 2011. This promise was finally realised at the weekend as he stormed the slippery lower section of the hill with the throttle pinned to the bulkhead, sensible pace at the top of the hill saw him claim both wins by a very healthy margin.


The Championship chasing Trevor Willis followed Alex home in each Run Off as he fell just short of his target at the start of the weekend, Trev was particularly impressive through Garden Gate as he hurled the OMS 28 between the banks, sideways, at unbelievable pace.

Scott Moran completed the podium in the first shootout as he secured the points he needed to guarantee the title. Second time up it was the locally sourced GWR Raptor of Jos Goodyear who followed Alex & Trev home on the podium.

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Scott Moran sealed his fourth BHC title in the opening Run Off (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The newly crowned Champ slipped to sixth in the afternoon Run Off, but two drivers who are desperate for points completed the top six. Roger Moran is in a serious scrap with Summers for fourth overall on the points table and minimised his losses for the weekend with a fourth place finish, and Richard Spedding (who is hunting down Deryk Young for tenth overall and the final ‘number’ for 2014) hurled the little Force PC up the hill for fifth overall.

In what was a slightly tricky weekend with some very worn slicks for the Gould Turbo, Paul Haimes managed to salvage five points from the weekend with sixth in the first Run Off. That result could have been better but for a slightly annoying issue, a timing failure after Haimesy had left the start. When the GR59 returned to the paddock for it’s re-run the engine temperature was sky-high. The organisers at the Lothian Car Club were as generous as they could be with time to cool the car, but despite pushing the car to the line with leaf-blowers and remote water pump running the car was still way over 85deg when it left the line. In the second shoot out Paul just got a tiny bit greedy with the throttle into East Brae and skated off without damage.


The Leaders Championship is also coming alight at the moment. Championship pacemaker Alex Summers suffered with a lack of starters in the class (as George Emerson and Scott Brownlee were forced to withdraw their ex. Webbo/Colin Birkbeck Dallara due to injector failures) so, despite winning the 2-litre class he only gained 4pts. The only other guys in contention (Scott Moran and Simon Fidoe) were each second in their classes (to Trevor Willis and Garry Dickson respectively) and gained 6pts as the classes were much larger. This means that the series will go right down to the wire at Loton in a fortnights time, be there or be a quadrilateral!

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