Run Off Milestone for Gould

Our Correspondent has sussed out that, by claiming victory in the final British Hillclimb Championship Top 12 Run Off at The World Famous Shelsley Walsh on Sunday, Scott Moran claimed the 400th Run Off victory for the Gould marque.


David Gould Gould 84G

David Gould in the original Gould 84G at Doune (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The Newbury-based constructor, which first appeared in British Hillclimbing with a stunning aluminium honeycomb chassis and Cosworth BDA power back in 1984, scored several Run Off wins with the 84G chassis in the late 80s and early 90s but they really started to rack up the victories in the late 1990s with the Ralt F3 based GR37 chassis.

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Cramer at Craigantlet

A very well-known multiple British title-winning hillclimber visited the Team Haimes paddock spot at Craigantlet and was very keen to have a good look at the GR59.

Chris Cramer Gould GR59

Gould’s first champion with Gould’s latest car in the Craigantlet paddock


Having had huge success through the late 1970s in March and Toleman chassis, German architect Chris Cramer finally claimed his first title in 1980 with a Hart-powered March 782. Having sold the March on to current-day Pilbeam driver Billy Morris, Cramer joined forces with David Gould for 1985 and the duo installed Cramer’s Hart engine into the previously BDA-powered Gould 84 chassis.

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September Shelsley

For the first time in several years the Teme Valley echoed to the roar of an F1 Cosworth DFR V8 again at the weekend.

Chris Cramer Gould GR37

The Tipadel car appeared at Shelsley in 1997, driven by Chris Cramer (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Once the engine of choice for the top runners in the BHC, the DFR has fallen out of favour in recent years as lighter & more powerful V8s have taken over, but Cornishman Terry Graves is still persevering with his and used it to good effect with a pair of FTDs at The World Famous venue over the weekend.

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