JC Returns!

In recent weeks the Midland hillclimb scene has seen the return of one of the most competitive drivers, and one of the most committed hillclimb families, as a very heavily re-developed car has made its first appearance for a few seasons.

John Chalmers Ralt F302

John & Jamie Chalmers prepare for another run with the Ralt during testing at Curborough.


Warwickshire 2-litre runner John Chalmers has spent the past couple of years installing a very special new engine into his familiar Ralt F302 chassis, the car with which he took the Shelsley Walsh 2-litre class record in 2011, and after a difficult development period has made a return to the hills.

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Ralt-Suzuki on the Cards?

The word on the street suggests that there could be yet another forced induction Hayabusa-engined car being prepared for the hills.

We have heard that John Chalmers, having sold his Shelsley record holding BDG engine to Brodie Branch, is modifying his Ralt F3 car to acept the motorcycle-based powertrain.

John Chalmers Ralt F301 Shelsley Walsh

John Chalmers in the Ralt-BDG at Shelsley Walsh

Chalmers’ turbo-charged 1400cc engine will be mated to the Ralt’s F3 gearbox in what should become a unique combination on the UK scene.

Practice in the Park

Saturday practice for the final BHC round of the year saw overcast but dry conditions throughout. The Loton Park venue in Shropshire was at it best and there was a sensible crowd present for a practice day.

After a long delay during the morning due to a non-track related medical emergency, the Hagley club did a great job of making up the lost time and getting 3 runs in for all who wanted them. Shame that they couldn’t have managed a practice on Sunday morning though (more on that later)…

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The Big One – Run Offs

With the mass of great inter-class battles, combined with masses of new class records, it would have been easy to overlook the British Championship Top 12 Run Offs as a bit of a side-show. That would’ve been a mistake though.

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Summer Shelsley

Shelsley Walsh last Saturday saw a one-day Midland Championship round run in dry conditions and with a host of records being taken.

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Down on the Farm

Gurston Down’s 2nd local championship round of the year saw vastly improved weather, compared to Saturdays washout. Still, a small amount of drizzle fell EVERY time the single-seaters formed up at paddock exit, but the rain was never enough to really affect times.

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