Film Night 11

It’s 6 o’clock, Saturday night, on It must be time for another Film Night!

With the 2013 Formula 1 season heading towards us at a rate of knots, lets take a look back to the early 80s and see how the F1 teams were preparing their new cars and new technologies.

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Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 7

Cosworth’s KF V6 engine had a very short stay of execution at the top end of the British Hillclimb Championship,┬ásurely the longest running top-line motor has been the Cosworth V8. From the DFR to the HB they have always featured strongely.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm Cosworth XD

The Cosworth XD engine in the back of the DJ Firestorm

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Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 1

The exacting requirements of hillclimbing place a huge demand on the power plants used.

Judd KV4 V8

Judd KV4 V8 in Pilbeam MP88 chassis

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Hillclimb History Recognised

This weekend sees the fantastic Cholmondeley Pageant of Power event held in Cheshire. Cholmondeley is the Goodwood of the North, featuring a hillclimb, powerboat racing, helicopter displays and a static motor show.

For the first time this year Cholmondeley will recognise the part Speed Hillclimbing has played in motorsport history.

Arch Speed Hillclimb enthusiasts Tony & Shirley Tewson will be taking their ex. BHC winning Pilbeam along to the event and Shirley will compete alongside the former Formula 1 cars.

The car has the same chassis that Martyn Griffiths took the 1979 British Hillclimb Championship with, using a 2.5l Hart 420R engine. These days the car uses a 4.5l Rover V8 engine. The MP40 was built by Mike Pilbeam at a time when he was still designing F1 cars for the likes of LEC, and the car really does reflect the peak of contemporary F1 technology.

Tony has made up a pair of open exhausts for the Rover engine which will really make it scream, and allow it to compete with the DFVs in the noise stakes.

Have a great time at the event Shirley, we are sure that the style and preparation of the car will represent the sport well and hopefully gain a few new hillclimb fans.

The 'windscreen' on the Tewson MP40