Double Dry Doune!?

The penultimate round of the British Hillclimb Championship season took place at Doune in Scotland at the weekend and, after the record-breaking bonanza at the hill in June, miraculously this latest event was warm and sunny yet again!

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Different colour, same result for Team Moran.


As well as seeing a number of class records set over the weekend, we also crowned our 2014 British Champion. Having dominated with his usual brand of metronomic consistency and blistering pace, Ludlow driver Scott Moran claimed his fifth title, joining Martyn Griffiths and David Grace as a five times winner and just one win away from the record set by the late, great Tony Marsh.

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Shelsley Shunts

As I am sure everyone who is reading this is aware by now, as well as some cracking class action and a couple of very exciting Top 12 Run Offs, the big news at Shelsley Walsh over the weekend involved a couple of very big shunts involving two of the single-seater runners.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm

Wallace Menzies after his Run Off win at Gurston.


The two incidents, which occurred during the qualifying runs for the Run Offs, involved DJ Racecars drivers Wallace Menzies and Ash Mason.

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BHC Season Review Part 10 – Wallace Menzies

Today we continue with our driver-by-driver look back over the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship year as we move in to the overall top three of the series.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm

Wallace prepares to unleash the ferocious Firestorm at Gurston in May


Third overall in the title race was the top-scoring Scottish driver during 2013, DJ Firestorm-Cosworth driver Wallace Menzies had his best BHC season to date…

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Wallace’s Wobble!

The tricky finish line at Gurston Down is one of the points in British Speed Hillclimbing where the top cars hit the highest terminal speeds seen all year.

Wallace Menzies DJ Racecars

Wallace Menzies prepares to launch the DJ Firestorm


Back in the mid to late 1990s, the advent of the carbon fibre monocoque chassis (in particular the Ralt RT37-based Gould GR37), combined with the fearlessness of David Grace, Alan Thompson and a few others, saw the magic 150mph barrier broken through the speed trap at the Wiltshire farm course.

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