Craigantlet – 2014 Events

Our next venue on the tour of the country is another ‘offshore’ favourite of the British Hillclimb Championship community.

Simon Durling Pilbeam MP58

Simon Durling charges over the crossroads in 1999 with his Pilbeam MP58 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


The National contenders travel to Northern Ireland once a year, to take on the challenge of a public road course which only holds one event a year.

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BHC Season Review Part 5 – Jos Goodyear

Our season review for the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship continues today with a look at the driver who was one of the big stars of the 2012 series, and who was hoping for big things in 2013….

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

The GWR Raptor crew on Jersey in 2012.


In part 5 of our BHC Season Review we look at the top-scoring driver who didn’t complete a full season. Due to reliability issues and a shunt the beautiful GWR Raptor missed a few events at the start of the season, but Jos Goodyear and the Raptor were soon back on the pace.

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Roche Returns

In the past couple of months it has been absolutely fantastic to see a familiar face from a few years back make a return to the British Hillclimb scene.

Pat Roche OMS CF07

Pat Roche (in car) shared with Mike Fitzsimons on his hillclimb return at Craigantlet


Irishman Pat Roche spent a couple of years taking part in the British Hillclimb Championship and the Leaders Hillclimb Championship with an OMS CF07 chassis, which he shared with Mark Goodyear.

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Goodyear’s Gearbox Gives-up

After such a stunning debut season in the GWR Raptor in 2012, reigning Leaders Champion Jos Goodyear seems to have had nothing but bad luck so far this year.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

The ‘Number 4′ probably isn’t Jos’ lucky number (thanks to Our Correspondent)


Electrical problems earlier in the season saw the wee beasty and it’s driver somewhat hamstrung with a lack of power from the Suzuki Hayabusa at Prescott’s opening round.

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Cramer at Craigantlet

A very well-known multiple British title-winning hillclimber visited the Team Haimes paddock spot at Craigantlet and was very keen to have a good look at the GR59.

Chris Cramer Gould GR59

Gould’s first champion with Gould’s latest car in the Craigantlet paddock


Having had huge success through the late 1970s in March and Toleman chassis, German architect Chris Cramer finally claimed his first title in 1980 with a Hart-powered March 782. Having sold the March on to current-day Pilbeam driver Billy Morris, Cramer joined forces with David Gould for 1985 and the duo installed Cramer’s Hart engine into the previously BDA-powered Gould 84 chassis.

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A Visit to Stormont

On the Friday night prior to the British Hillclimb Championship round at Craigantlet, near Belfast, British Championship drivers and crews were invited to a reception at the wonderful Stormont Parliament Building.

Stormont Parliament

The magnificent Stormont Parliament Building


The event was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Craigantlet Hillclimb and a number of previous winners, organisers, current drivers and (in a very sharp move) many local residents were inviting to have drinks and a tour of this fascinating and historic building.

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