FIA Hillclimb Masters

One of the most talked about events in the hillclimb paddock at the moment is the very exciting FIA European Hillclimb Masters event, which will take place in Luxembourg this coming weekend.

Keith Edwards Audi Quattro

Keith Edwards will be returning to Europe with his mighty Quattro (thanks to


The event has been created to bring together the very top runners from all of the national championships across Europe to a single venue on the same weekend to finally decide who is the fastest competitor in Europe.

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Young Young to Run Radical

Our Correspondent has had his nose to the ground and has sniffed out a news story relating to one of the top BHC contenders of the last 20 years or so.

Deryk Young Gould GR51B

Deryk Young in the ultra-successful Gould GR51B at Harewood (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Hill Climb veteran competitor Deryk Young has been a fixture around the venues for 30-odd years. He has driven a wide variety of cars from the ex-everybody (Dayson/Durling etc etc) Turner sportscar, through his Vision-Polimotor Clubmans car and the ‘Del-lara’-Judd. For the last eight years he has campaigned the ex-Graeme Wight Gould GR51 fitted with the Judd V8 engine he has used since the mid-90′s.

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