FIA Hillclimb Masters

One of the most talked about events in the hillclimb paddock at the moment is the very exciting FIA European Hillclimb Masters event, which will take place in Luxembourg this coming weekend.

Keith Edwards Audi Quattro

Keith Edwards will be returning to Europe with his mighty Quattro (thanks to


The event has been created to bring together the very top runners from all of the national championships across Europe to a single venue on the same weekend to finally decide who is the fastest competitor in Europe.

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Event Round-up…. Channel Islands

From Harewood the championship circus went on its holidays with the annual trip to Channel Islands, for Bouley Bay (Jersey) on Thursday and Le Val des Terres (Guernsey) on Saturday.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

Jos Goodyear on the Bouley Bay startline in 2012.


These relatively low speed, public road events were expected to favour the diminutive little GWR Raptor of Jos Goodyear, but his success on the weekend didn’t come quite as quickly as expected.

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Warwick Castle!

It is always great to hear about new venues coming into our sport, and we were very pleased to hear about another new venue which has run in recent weeks on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

Vale Castle Guernsey

Picturesque setting for the new event on the Island.


Nobody reading this will be in any doubt as to how keen on hillclimbing the folks on Guernsey are, events on the island always have huge entries and enthusiastic crowds.

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Season Catch-up Part 2

Further to our Ulster catch-up from Croft Hillclimb yesterday, we are looking at some more early-season, off-shore motorsport today, but looking to the East rather than the West….

Lee Corbet Westfield

‘The Voice’ has done a lot of work to the Westfield over the winter!!


Those keen bods over on the Channel Islands have already run several events in 2014, and our old mate ‘The Voice’ was there to see the action and to write a couple of reports to keep us in the loop.

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Skools Out For Winter!

On Saturday the Guernsey Kart and Motor Club hosted the final hillclimb event of the year at Les Val des Terres.

Justin Smith OMS 25

Justin Smith with his beautifully presented OMS 25 (thanks to Our Correspondent)


As with all events on the island, our local scribe Lee Corbet was there and has put together his usual ‘off piste’ report on the days proceedings.

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Bank Holiday Fun at The Terres

We understand that Guernsey flyer Darren Warwick scored yet another Les Val des Terres hillclimb FTD on Monday at the traditional Bank Holiday event on the edge of St Peter Port.

Darren Warwick Dallara F301

Darren Warwick continued his domination at Le Val des Terres on Bank Holiday Monday.


The Dallara-Vauxhall driver narrowly missed setting another PB, but he did close to within a tenth of a second of his fastest ever time on his second class run with 28.00s.

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