Restored Ralt Returns

Amongst all of the stunning historic cars competing at the recent Silverstone Historic Sports Car Club event, one of the 1980s Formula 3 cars really caught our eye.

Martin Brundle Ralt RT3

ex. Brundle/Henson Ralt RT3 at Silverstone


There was a Ralt RT3 car which was recognisable firstly because it was one of the most well-known F3 cars of its generation, being used by a driver who would go on to achieve big things in the sport, but also because once its first circuit career was over it went on to become a very successful speed events car.

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New Owner For Hollywood Car Company

Last week we received a news story from our Northern Ireland Correspondent Tony Gregory.

Crossle Car Company


Whilst not hillclimb related, we thought that some news about the future of the Crossle Car company from Hollywood, County Down would be of interest.

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Action Packed Shelsley

The Midland Automobile Club hosted a one day clubby at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday as a precurser to the VSCCs annual visit to the hallowed tarmac of the Teme Valley on Sunday.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb


It was a great day for the Pilbeam marque as Tim Davies stormed to FTD in his Millington-engined MP88 model, ahead of John Jones in similar chassis (albeit with Cosworth XD Turbo power).

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