Empire Customers Get F1 Lesson

Ever since the very beginning of our sport, at the turn of the 19th/20th Century, innovation and development have been a cornerstone of British Speed Hillclimbing as manufacturers have strived to beat their competition by working harder and thinking smarter.

Empire Wraith Willem Toet

An early rendering of the Empire Wraith concept


There is one hillclimb manufacturer which is really going places at the moment. Somerset-based Empire Racing Cars are having a major push in 2014, with the launch of both a brand new, state-of-the-art, carbon fibre chassised, motorcycle engined hillclimb challenger as well as a very innovative, supercharged, sports libre class challenger and a modified version of the existing Leaders class winning, spaceframe chassised ‘Double-0′ series.

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Empire’s Extra Effort!

There are a large number of new or modified cars underway in workshops all over the United Kingdom as the hillclimb world prepares for the 2014 season.

Empire Racing Cars


Few facilities are as busy as the Empire Racing Cars workshop of Bill Chaplin down in darkest Somerset. Mr Editor paid Bill a visit earlier in the week and had a quick look at the workload that Bill and his small team have ahead of them!

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Jordan Storms to Title

Last Sunday saw a friend of the Speed Hillclimb world achieve a fantastic result at the very top of UK professional Motorsport.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

Andrew Jordan at Gurston Down in May 2013.


Pirtek Honda driver Andrew Jordan claimed his first British Touring Car Championship title victory after a fantastic final round showdown at Brands Hatch circuit.

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The Empire’s Wraith!

Hot on the heels of chassis 01 for Clive Austin and Chris Aspinall which debuted at Loton Park last month and chassis 02 which is being built for hillclimb returnee Phil Cooke, it seems as though more of the new Empire Wraith chassis are on the way.

Empire Wraith

The Empire Wraith at its shakedown at Curborough Sprint Course last month


The stunning little carbon-chassised cars, which have received F1 input in the design process, and currently feature 1100cc motorcycle engines have attracted a massive amount of attention since the prototype was revealed.

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Harewood Heat

Harewood Hillclimb hosted its second British Hillclimb Championship event of the year last weekend and we certainly saw a bit of everything over the weekend with scorching temperatures, new records, a bit of history and few surprises!

Roger Moran Gould GR61X

Roger Moran returned to form in the 2nd shoot out


Former triple BHC winner Scott Moran became the most succesful hillclimber in history (in terms of Run Offs) by claiming his 105th & 106th shootout wins in the Gould GR61X, and took FTD with a new outright hill record in the opening Run Off. But he was pushed very hard…

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1100 Developments

The 1600cc Racing Car Class may have been stealing the headlines this year with the multi-car battles that have been fought out all across the English hills, but at Midland Championship level the mighty scraps between the two fastest drivers of these little screamers hasn’t escaped our attentions.

Simon Fidoe Empire 002

Team Dog Empire-Suzuki 002 in the Prescott Paddock


Although several of the expected challengers in the class have been largely absent so far this season as Chris Aspinall, Clive Austin and Phil Cooke await the completion of their new Empire chassis, and the works Empire Force has appeared only once in the hands of Bill Chaplin and Toby Moody due to engine issues at Prescott back in April, the class of 2012 has largely remained intact and has put on a real show.

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