FIA Hillclimb Masters

One of the most talked about events in the hillclimb paddock at the moment is the very exciting FIA European Hillclimb Masters event, which will take place in Luxembourg this coming weekend.

Keith Edwards Audi Quattro

Keith Edwards will be returning to Europe with his mighty Quattro (thanks to


The event has been created to bring together the very top runners from all of the national championships across Europe to a single venue on the same weekend to finally decide who is the fastest competitor in Europe.

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BHC Season Review Part 3 – Deryk Young

Today we continue our look back on the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship year with our season review series.

Deryk Young launches over Deers Leap at Gurston Down (thanks to

Deryk Young launches over Deers Leap at Gurston Down (thanks to


Our BHC season review continues today with a look at the season of the man who has been a regular ‘Number’ holder since the mid-nineties in Pilbeam, Dallara and Gould chassis, each fitted with his faithful ex. F1 4.0 litre Judd EV V8 engine.

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Rowan Returns

One of the legends of British Hillclimbing will return to the cockpit of a competition car at a speed event this weekend.

Ray Rowan Roman IV

Ray Rowan in the original Roman chassis at Shelsley Walsh in 2007


After challenging at the top end of the sport for a couple of years, in 1989 Walsall-based engineer Ray Rowan secured the British Hillclimb Championship with his self-built, 4-cylinder Hart powered Roman IV.

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Pilbeam Back On Form

Mother & Son team Sandra & Oliver Tomlin are revelling in the improved handing of their Pilbeam MP97 this year.

Oliver Tomlin Pilbeam MP88 Gurston Down

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Hillclimb Engine Technology – The Future

The conclusion to our tour of the topline hillclimb powerplants will be somewhat speculative. We will look at what might or might not be the next motor of choice at the top end of the British Hillclimb Championship.

Scott Moran Gould GR61X NME V8

What will come along to topple the NME domination? (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)