Purcell and Cannell Feel the Pressure

Whilst British and Midland Hillclimb contenders are at Prescott Hillclimb and South West Hillclimb contenders are at Wiscombe Park, the loyal band of Gurston Down Hillclimb regulars will be out for the final time this year at the Wilstshire venue.

Simon Purcell Lotus Exige

Simon Purcell is in the pound seat for the Gurston Championship (thanks to everleyphotography.co.uk).


As always for the BARC SW Centre’s events, Gurston Press Office Simon McBeath has put together a preview for the event.

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Midsummer Speed Fest at Gurston

As well as events at Doune and Cultra at the weekend, there was also pair of one day club events at the ever popular Gurston Down Hillclimb in Wiltshire.

Nik Mann Mannic Beattie

The crowd pleasing Mannic-Beattie was hustled to FTD on both days by creater Nik Mann.


Saturday’s event was a round of the Association of South West Motor Clubs Hillclimb Championship, whereas Sunday featured the BARC South West Centre’s own Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship.

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The Beast is Back!

Today we have heard the news that one of the most exciting cars to have been seen on the hills in recent years may well be waking from its slumber and preparing for some serious exercise.

Christian Mineeff SPA Judd

Christian Mineeff blasts the SPA-Judd over East Bray at Doune in 1998 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The SPA-Judd is a sports racing car which started life as a 2.8 litre Hart powered car in the early 90s. Original owner David Render used the car in hills and sprints before selling it on to Ferrari & Lancia enthusiast Christian Mineeff. Christian then had the car completely reworked and converted to F1 power with a 3.5 litre Judd CV power plant. Aero developments by Gould Engineering in the late 1990s made this car the fastest sports racer on the hills bar none.

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Gurston Gossip

The sound of racing engines echoing across the Wiltshire Downs on Sunday morning heralded the arrival of the 2013 Hillclimb season!

Gurston Down

New cars and new faces in the Gurston farmyard


Despite snowfall causing the cancellation of test days at Harewood and Loton Park, there were no such fears for the Westcountry hill and over 60 competitors turned up to blow away the cobwebs from the winter break.

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Empire Continues to Grow!

Today we have received yet another good news story from the Somerset-based hillclimb car manufacturer Empire Racing Cars.

Force SR8 Gurston Down

The Chaplin-built Force SR8 at Hollow Bend in 2003.


“Empire Racing Cars is to build a brand new Sports Car for Chris Cannell to attack the 2013 hill climb season. The car will be the first tie up between Empire and aerodynamics designer and writer Simon McBeath whose SM AeRoTechniques concern will fully exploit 3D CAD and CFD design to enable the car to have class leading aerodynamic efficiency with high downforce.

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Cracking June Gurston

The events at Gurston Down at the weekend featured lots of cars, lots of variety and lots of hot competition. Both of the cluby one-dayers were over-subscribed and many regulars only got an entry to one or other day.

Tony Wiltshire Gould GR55 Gurston Down

Wilt took FTD on Sunday (thanks to Everly Photography)

Gurston Press Officer Simon McBeath has sent us this report & images:

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