Event Round-up…. Harewood Hill

We are back! Not quite full service just yet, but until that is possible we will do what we can to keep everyone in the loop Speed Hillclimb-wise…

Tom Ingram Toyota Avensis

Tom Ingram and the BTCC Toyota were a great, if brief, addition to the Harewood event.


There have been many events on the hills, and a lot of gossip as well, since we were last able to spend time typing and the Bank Holiday weekend has given us a small opportunity to play catch up. So, let’s start with a run through of what has been happening at National level over the past couple of months as well as some regional reports from correspondents…

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Harewood Hill – 2014 Events

From the BARCs hillclimb venue in the South, we move on to their hillclimb venue in the North.

Richard Brown Martin BM8

Richard Brown at Harewood in 1975 with his Martin BM8 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


Harewood, near Harrogate in Yorkshire is another of the more ‘permanent’ venues in British Hillclimbing, which hosts the BHC, many clubbys and a Hillclimb Drivers School.

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BHC Season Review Part 3 – Deryk Young

Today we continue our look back on the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship year with our season review series.

Deryk Young launches over Deers Leap at Gurston Down (thanks to everleyphotography.co.uk).

Deryk Young launches over Deers Leap at Gurston Down (thanks to everleyphotography.co.uk).


Our BHC season review continues today with a look at the season of the man who has been a regular ‘Number’ holder since the mid-nineties in Pilbeam, Dallara and Gould chassis, each fitted with his faithful ex. F1 4.0 litre Judd EV V8 engine.

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Race Tech Blog

If you are keen on the technical aspects of our sport and of the wider motorsport community in general, then you must be aware of Race Tech Magazine.

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Race Tech witnessed a great event for the Moran family at Harewood


Race Tech, which is run by husband and wife team William and Soheila Kimberley, is a cracking monthly magazine which monitors technology, investigates technical solutions and explains engineering applications wherever they appear on a racing car.

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New OMS Revealed

On Saturday morning at Harewood Hillclimb, a new model of hillclimb car was unveiled as Steve Owen rolled his latest motor-cycle engined product out of the trailer at his local hill.

Steve Owen OMS 28

The latest OMS 28 was revealed in the Harewood paddock on Saturday.


The owner of OMS Racing Cars has been a prolific producer of carbon-tubbed hillclimb cars in recent years and this record has continued with the latest works OMS 28.

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Harewood Heat

Harewood Hillclimb hosted its second British Hillclimb Championship event of the year last weekend and we certainly saw a bit of everything over the weekend with scorching temperatures, new records, a bit of history and few surprises!

Roger Moran Gould GR61X

Roger Moran returned to form in the 2nd shoot out


Former triple BHC winner Scott Moran became the most succesful hillclimber in history (in terms of Run Offs) by claiming his 105th & 106th shootout wins in the Gould GR61X, and took FTD with a new outright hill record in the opening Run Off. But he was pushed very hard…

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