Shelsley National Preview

‘The Big One’ at Shelsley Walsh this weekend looks like being an absolute cracker, and well worthy of it’s title. The entry list shows a great selection of all the usual front-runners, along with a number of familiar faces who haven’t been running for a while.

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Jaguar at Shelsley Walsh

At the weekend Shelsley Walsh reverberated to the throaty roar of 6-cylinder racing engines as the XK-powered Jaguar C, D & E Types paraded up and down the illustrious slopes of the Teme Valley. There will no doubt be lots written about the ‘birthday boys’ (the C-Types and E-types) in whose honour the celebration was run. For this reason I have decided to be a little off of the wall and concentrate mainly on the fabulous selection of D-Types at the event.

Brian Eccles' C-Type in the Shelsley Paddock

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Shelsley Preview

This weekends British Round at Shelsley Walsh sees the 2nd consectutive event at a ‘power hill’. Gurston last week showed us that although the bike-engined cars can push the big cars hard in the twisty bits, they are still lagging behind on the flat out blasts.

The steep slopes and quick kinks of Shelsley are traditionally V8 territory and this year should be no exception, especially with the current weather forecast. Scott Moran will certainly come under pressure from father Roger and Team NewMerrick, but there could well be a challenge from Wallace Menzies. The Scotsman took a class win on his first Shelsley appearance with his old DJ Firehawk (beating Paul Haimes and Tom New in the 2litres), so his first run in the revised Firestorm could end with a visit to the podium.

Also at Shelsley this weekend will be a very British celebration. The event will be marking the 50th Anniversary of the E-Type Jaguar and the 60th Anniversary of the C-Type Jaguar with special classes in the hillclimb. There will be plenty going on off track as well with Jaguar themed exhibits, including the ex. Ecurie Ecosse race transporter which carried Cs, Ds & Listers around Europe in the 1950s which Our Correspondent informs us rolled into Shelsley a couple of hours ago.

Ecurie Ecosse transporter in Silverstone Paddock

We will be tweeting from the event over the weekend so we’ll keep you upto date as much as we can prior to the report next week.