JC Returns!

In recent weeks the Midland hillclimb scene has seen the return of one of the most competitive drivers, and one of the most committed hillclimb families, as a very heavily re-developed car has made its first appearance for a few seasons.

John Chalmers Ralt F302

John & Jamie Chalmers prepare for another run with the Ralt during testing at Curborough.


Warwickshire 2-litre runner John Chalmers has spent the past couple of years installing a very special new engine into his familiar Ralt F302 chassis, the car with which he took the Shelsley Walsh 2-litre class record in 2011, and after a difficult development period has made a return to the hills.

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SHC.com Film Night 9

For the past couple of weeks here on speedhillclimb.com Saturday night has been film night, and this week is no exception!

We have another treat for you this week, which continues the F1 turbo theme of last week. It may not be the longest film in the world, but as far as 2013 hillclimbing goes it is very topical and also features the designer of one of the fastest and most exciting cars on the hills.

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Summers at Shelsley

Hot on the heels of the blog post last week about ‘Whizzo’ Williams and the ex. Dizzy Addicote Lotus-Buick 15 at Shelsley Walsh, we have found another blog mentioning the August National event at The World Famous venue.

Alex Summers DJ Firehawk

Summers at Gurston Down in May 2012


Worcestershire driver Alex Summers has been a sensation at the historic venue over the past couple of years with his supercharged Hayabusa powered DJ Firehawk.

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Summers Storms Shelsley

2011 2-litre ‘Find of the Year’ Alex Summers had a storming event at Shelsley Walsh claiming a good bundle of British Championship and also taking the 2-litre class record.

DJ Racecars

Billet steering wheel on the Summers’ Firehawk


The Worcestershire based driver, who claimed a surprise Run Off win at Shelsley last season, stormed the hill in afternoon qualifying to erase John Chalmers’ very tough record set in July 2011 with a time of 24.47s. Summers then went faster still in the Run Off to set a 24.15s PB.

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Spotted At…. Shelsley Walsh

Several former drivers, and a few other familiar faces were spotted in the crowd at Shelsley Walsh’s BHC meeting at the weekend, including:

  • Whizzo Williams
  • Chris & Val Merrick
  • John & Julie Chalmers
  • Bette Lane
  • John & Simon Rutland
  • Keith Harris
  • Peter Cox
  • Sandra Tomlin
  • Tim & Will Mason
  • Jim Robinson
  • Gordon Marston
  • Dave & Lynne Whitehead
  • Ian Cruickshanks
  • Jonathan Williamson
  • Russ Ward
  • Mike Pilbeam
  • Hugh Teagle
  • Team Pink


2011 SHC Awards – Drive of the Year

To celebrate the end of speedhillclimb.com’s first year of existence we have decided to look back on the year and recognise some of the stunning performances we have seen on the hills in 2011.

The prizes are purely bragging rights in the 2012 paddock, but nevertheless over the last few days of the year we will be announcing the 2011 speedhillclimb.com Awards!

The 1st of our awards is for the ‘Drive of the Year’:

There have been many notable performances during the year, at both National and Regional level.

Scotsman Lee Adams set the hill alight (despite the weather) at the June Doune National winning both Run Offs with his 1600cc GWR Raptor.

Caterham driver Dave Warburton became the first 2-litre road car driver to climb Shelsley Walsh in less than 30secs at the Midland Championship round in August.

But the award, thanks to 2x Run Off wins and a new 2-litre record with his Ralt-BDG, goes to John Chalmers at the same August Shelsley Midland event.

Well done John!

Check back tomorrow for award no. 2.