Purcell and Cannell Feel the Pressure

Whilst British and Midland Hillclimb contenders are at Prescott Hillclimb and South West Hillclimb contenders are at Wiscombe Park, the loyal band of Gurston Down Hillclimb regulars will be out for the final time this year at the Wilstshire venue.

Simon Purcell Lotus Exige

Simon Purcell is in the pound seat for the Gurston Championship (thanks to everleyphotography.co.uk).


As always for the BARC SW Centre’s events, Gurston Press Office Simon McBeath has put together a preview for the event.

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Empire’s Extra Effort!

There are a large number of new or modified cars underway in workshops all over the United Kingdom as the hillclimb world prepares for the 2014 season.

Empire Racing Cars


Few facilities are as busy as the Empire Racing Cars workshop of Bill Chaplin down in darkest Somerset. Mr Editor paid Bill a visit earlier in the week and had a quick look at the workload that Bill and his small team have ahead of them!

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Gurston Gossip

There are a few interesting driver and car combinations, as well as a few enforced changes, on the entry list for Gurston Down’s first National Championship event of the year this weekend.

Paul Webster Mazda MX5

Stripey will have a new pilot this weekend!


The fast, flowing Wiltshire farm venue always gets a good and competitive entry and this time around there is no exception. So, let’s have a look at who is and is not appearing on the hill.

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Gurston Gets Going

The opening competitive events of the year took place at the Gurston Down venue in Wiltshire over the weekend.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

Ed Hollier cleaned up with his self-developed Pilbeam-Suzuki (thanks to Simon McBeath)


Large entries were present on both days, with a great mix of locals and competitors from further afield providing both great variety and very hot competition.

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Gurston Class Action

The British Hillclimb Championship and Leaders Championship contenders made their second visit of the year to Gurston Down at the weekend, and the BARC South West Centre put on yet another brilliant event at the Wiltshire venue.

Jeremy Turnbull Ford Model B

Jeremy Turnbull was fastest of the Flatheads


A heavy downpour at lunchtime on Saturday put a slight dampener on the end of the third practice runs, but otherwise the sun was shining and the conditions were good.

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Winning Westy Changes Masters

Following a deal which was struck at the June round of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship, Kelvin Jouhar has now sold his Westfield-Vauxhall.

Kelvin Jouhar


Jouhar acquired the car at the end of last season from Jonathan Gates. The Gurston Down sponsor had achieved massive success with the car over the years, culminating in his winning the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Championship and taking the 2-litre Mod Prod Class record (which he still holds).

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