Film Night 19

Time for a special Formula 1 based Film Night tonight. As winter testing for the Formula 1 World Championship concludes at the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain this evening, we thought that we should have a look at some of the rich history of motorsports premier category.

Possibly the most respected team on the grid is Williams F1, known to most fans of the sport as Williams Grand Prix Engineering (the title of the team during their heyday in the 1980s). Even if you are a fan of another team, most people would probably name the family run team from Grove in Oxfordshire as their second favourite team. So let’s have a look at a series of films celebrating the rich history of the team which has so far claimed 7 F1 World Drivers Championship titles, and look set to have a bit of a renaissance during 2014 if testing times are anything to go on.

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Rowan Returns

One of the legends of British Hillclimbing will return to the cockpit of a competition car at a speed event this weekend.

Ray Rowan Roman IV

Ray Rowan in the original Roman chassis at Shelsley Walsh in 2007


After challenging at the top end of the sport for a couple of years, in 1989 Walsall-based engineer Ray Rowan secured the British Hillclimb Championship with his self-built, 4-cylinder Hart powered Roman IV.

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Sports Prototype Action

It was worth paying the admission fee at Gurston Down over the weekend just to see the release from hibernation of one of the most exciting cars that has ever been seen on the British Hills.

Stephen Cunningham SPA-Judd

Steve Cunningham warms the tyres for his first V8 run on the hills


Here at we have always loved big-banger sportscars, whether on the hills or on the circuits… Can Am, Interseries, Group C and even the 5.5 litre LMP1 cars of the past 10 years are all fantastic, full-bodied monsters with more grunt than grip.

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The Beast is Back!

Today we have heard the news that one of the most exciting cars to have been seen on the hills in recent years may well be waking from its slumber and preparing for some serious exercise.

Christian Mineeff SPA Judd

Christian Mineeff blasts the SPA-Judd over East Bray at Doune in 1998 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The SPA-Judd is a sports racing car which started life as a 2.8 litre Hart powered car in the early 90s. Original owner David Render used the car in hills and sprints before selling it on to Ferrari & Lancia enthusiast Christian Mineeff. Christian then had the car completely reworked and converted to F1 power with a 3.5 litre Judd CV power plant. Aero developments by Gould Engineering in the late 1990s made this car the fastest sports racer on the hills bar none.

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Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 5

Following on from the Nic Mac V8 which we covered in Part 4, we now look at one of the longest serving powerplants in the top 10 of the championship, the Judd V8.

Judd EV V8 Gould GR37 Mike Dean

A Judd EV in the back of Mike Dean's Gould GR37 in 2003

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Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 1

The exacting requirements of hillclimbing place a huge demand on the power plants used.

Judd KV4 V8

Judd KV4 V8 in Pilbeam MP88 chassis

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