JC Returns!

In recent weeks the Midland hillclimb scene has seen the return of one of the most competitive drivers, and one of the most committed hillclimb families, as a very heavily re-developed car has made its first appearance for a few seasons.

John Chalmers Ralt F302

John & Jamie Chalmers prepare for another run with the Ralt during testing at Curborough.


Warwickshire 2-litre runner John Chalmers has spent the past couple of years installing a very special new engine into his familiar Ralt F302 chassis, the car with which he took the Shelsley Walsh 2-litre class record in 2011, and after a difficult development period has made a return to the hills.

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Spotted At…. Shelsley Walsh

Several former drivers, and a few other familiar faces were spotted in the crowd at Shelsley Walsh’s BHC meeting at the weekend, including:

  • Whizzo Williams
  • Chris & Val Merrick
  • John & Julie Chalmers
  • Bette Lane
  • John & Simon Rutland
  • Keith Harris
  • Peter Cox
  • Sandra Tomlin
  • Tim & Will Mason
  • Jim Robinson
  • Gordon Marston
  • Dave & Lynne Whitehead
  • Ian Cruickshanks
  • Jonathan Williamson
  • Russ Ward
  • Mike Pilbeam
  • Hugh Teagle
  • Team Pink