Guernsey Finale

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club held the Islands finale hillclimb of the 2013 season on Saturday at the short, but entertaining hill at Petit Bot.

John Dunne Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Bunman’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5


As always for events on Guernsey, our Channel Island correspondent ‘The Voice’ was there to see the action unfold. And as if that wasn’t enough ‘Our Correspondent’ was also a visiting dignitary for the weekend!

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Sims Raceway

The South West of England enjoyed its final hillclimbs of the year last weekend with a pair of single-day meetings at Manor Farm Hillclimb in Charmouth, Dorset.

David Sims Ralt RT33/34

David Sims cleaned up at Manor Farm Hillclimb (thanks to


This very technical, twisty and busy hill won the 2011 award for Venue of the Year largely due to the track extension and the enthusiasm of the land owners & Woolbridge Motor Club.

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Thrilling Gurston Finale

The 2012 Gurston Down hillclimb season came to an end yesterday with a one-day meeting organised, as always, by the BARC SW Centre.

Simon Thornley  Gurston Down

Simon Thornley got close to Darren Luke’s tough class record en route to the championship title


It was a cracking event, with both the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship and the Gurston Down Top 10 Challenge titles going down to the wire and being decided on the day.

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Gurston Class Action

The British Hillclimb Championship and Leaders Championship contenders made their second visit of the year to Gurston Down at the weekend, and the BARC South West Centre put on yet another brilliant event at the Wiltshire venue.

Jeremy Turnbull Ford Model B

Jeremy Turnbull was fastest of the Flatheads


A heavy downpour at lunchtime on Saturday put a slight dampener on the end of the third practice runs, but otherwise the sun was shining and the conditions were good.

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Wiscombe Class Round-up

The records were by no means confined to the Top 12 Run Offs at Woolbridge MC’s Wiscombe Park British Championship round at the weekend. With Leaders Hillclimb Championship points up for grabs the title chasers were trying hard.

Kings Mews Racing

The Kings Mews Elan ran in the Invitation Class


Plenty of local drivers came out to play as well, both in the Championship classes and the ‘buffer classes’ at the end of the program, and many of them pushed the National boys to the limit.

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Murray’s in the Money!

The biggest prize in 2012 British Hillclimbing was awarded on Sunday as the BARC (SW) Centre presented £1000 to the driver who improved their class record at Gurston Down by the largest margin on the day.

Keith Murray Gurston Down

Keith Murray collects the magnificant new Tony Marsh Trophy


As always for Gurston Down events, BARC (SW) Centre’s Press Officer Simon McBeath has sent us a brilliant report and photos from this action packed event.

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