Sports Prototype Action

It was worth paying the admission fee at Gurston Down over the weekend just to see the release from hibernation of one of the most exciting cars that has ever been seen on the British Hills.

Stephen Cunningham SPA-Judd

Steve Cunningham warms the tyres for his first V8 run on the hills


Here at we have always loved big-banger sportscars, whether on the hills or on the circuits… Can Am, Interseries, Group C and even the 5.5 litre LMP1 cars of the past 10 years are all fantastic, full-bodied monsters with more grunt than grip.

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Motor Sport This Month

One of the most eagerly anticipated days of every month for me is the day when Motor Sport magazine lands on the door mat.

The ‘Green One’ is compulsory reading for anyone claiming to be a racing enthusiast/anorak!

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