Loton Park – 2014 Events

The next stop on our whistle-stop tour of the hillclimb calendar for 2014 sees us head to the Midlands.

Simon Moyse Mallock MK27SG

Current Gould driver Simon Moyse at Loggerheads with his Mallock in 2005 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


Sir Michael Leighton’s deer park venue at Loton Park, Shropshire is one of the most popular venues in the country thanks to good facilities, cracking organisation and a great track.

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Goodyear’s Greatyear!

The 2012 season saw the complete domination of one class by a single car and it’s two highly competitive young drivers.

Jos Goodyear Lee Adams

Jos & Lee discuss conditions between class records at Shelsley Walsh in August!


Often in this sport you get a car which is such a step forward that it moves the class pace forward by half a second or so, the Force PC did it in the 1600cc class and the Gould GR55 did it in the Unlimited class. Last year however, the jewel-like GWR Raptor moved the 1600s forward by the best part of a second, and this year it has done it again.

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Hillclimb’s this weekend

Just 3 Hillclimb’s for you in the UK this weekend:

  • MADMC in Northern Ireland
  • Loton Park, Shropshire
  • Castle, Cornwall

AND on Thursday the next round of the British Hillclimb Championship is in Jersey at Bouley Bay.


Hillclimbs happening this weekend

If you’re looking for some hillclimb action this weekend there’s events at the following venues:

No National events this weekend, but plenty of action at these three hills to help you get your hillclimbing fix.

The Gadget Show at Loton Park

Last night’s Gadget Show (on Channel 5) was a bit of a surprise!

They did a ‘gravity’ car challenge – racing a car powered by gravity going down some bendy road, vs a Lotus Elise going up the same piece of windy road. The actual challenge took place in Germany. But the warm up activity was filmed at Loton Park.

You can see the footage in this piece of film.

Always pretty cool to see a speed hillclimb track on the telly – even it’s being used in the wrong direction!