Restored Ralt Returns

Amongst all of the stunning historic cars competing at the recent Silverstone Historic Sports Car Club event, one of the 1980s Formula 3 cars really caught our eye.

Martin Brundle Ralt RT3

ex. Brundle/Henson Ralt RT3 at Silverstone


There was a Ralt RT3 car which was recognisable firstly because it was one of the most well-known F3 cars of its generation, being used by a driver who would go on to achieve big things in the sport, but also because once its first circuit career was over it went on to become a very successful speed events car.

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No Smoke Without Fire!

As mentioned last week, the MSA News magazine includes updates and notifications of new and amended regulations for our sport.

Nigel Mansell Lotus 91

Nigel Mansell in a Lotus 91 at the Goodwood Festival


In the latest issue we noticed that there is a clarification of a rule which always seems to bring a little confusion and controversy to paddock natters.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

Whilst not being a ‘proper’ hillclimb, the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is undoubtedly the most popular event in the UK which takes place on a hillclimb course.

Williams F1 cars at the 2010 Goodwood Festival

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During last weekends coverage of the rain-delayed Canadian GP, whilst trying to fill nearly 2hrs of non-action, Martin Brundle and David Coulthard spent somewhile discussing the rubber ‘over-shoes’ that Sebastian Vettel slipped over his race boots to get out of the car.

These boots will be familiar to anyone who has ever attended events at either Wiscombe or Doune! However, at Gurston Down yesterday we discovered that F1 technology is significantly inferior to hillclimb technology. Gould GR37 driver Terry Graves revealed the fanciest pair of overshoes seen yet, as modelled by Hannah below!

Should Red Bull be informed?