Cultra Delivers New Champions and Debuts

Whilst the British Hillclimb Championship contenders were sunning themselves at Doune Hillclimb in Scotland, just across the Irish Sea in Northern Ireland competitors were in action at the historic Cultra Hillclimb.

Andy Hawthorne Reynard

Andy Hawthorne took FTD with his ex. Formula Vauxhall Lotus Reynard


Our Ulster Correspondent Tony Gregory was there and has kindly provided us with a cracking report as always….

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Tipadel Twin’s Teutonic Toy!

Two of the most familiar faces at any Gurston Down event, whether British Hillclimb Championship or club meeting, are Andrew Fraser and Tim Painter, otherwise known as ‘The Jovial Gents’.

Andrew Fraser Porsche 911

The Tipadel Porsche is a beautifully-engineered work of art.


The Somerset-based duo have been competing together on the hills for over 35 years sharing a variety of very interesting cars, including Brabham, Gould, Metro 6R4 and in recent years several Porsche 911s.

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2013 in Pictures – Drivers at Rest!

Our 2013 in Pictures series continues today with a look at some of the drivers who make the hillclimb paddock such an entertaining place to be.

A weekends hillclimbing can be tough with the combination of early starts, hard graft, intense concentration, and occasionally a few cheeky beers on the Saturday night. This can take it out on the less hardy members of the paddock…. Whilst others find new and innovative ways to stay alert and on the money!


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It’s Saturday night, and it’s time for another Film Night!

Next weekend sees the 90th anniversary Le Mans 24 Hour Race in France and should feature a cracking scrap between the factory teams of Audi Sport and Toyota Motorsport. 20 Years ago this weekend though, all British eyes at Le Mans were focussed on the return to competition of one of the most evocative names in Le Mans history. Jaguar.

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Midlands Metro Mania!

One of the most charismatic cars in the history of South West hillclimbing will be hitting the M5 this coming weekend and heading North.

Tim Painter Metro 6R4

Tim Painter in pre-start at Gurston Down in April 2013.


The Tipadel MG Metro 6R4 TPR4100 is a very well-known car in the Westcountry following some stirring performances at venues such as Wiscombe Park, Finlake, Gurston Down and especially Longleat hillclimb of the past two decades.

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Mighty Mighty Metro!

One of the greatest sights and sounds on the hills from the last 20 years made a competition return at the Gurston test last weekend.

Andrew Fraser Metro TPR4100

The TPR4100 at Ashes Bend at Gurston in 2009 (thanks to


The Tipadel Metro TPR4100 has been absent from active service for a couple of years as owners Tim Painter and Andrew Fraser have rebuilt this exciting Group B car.

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