More MP101 Snaps

Over the past few weeks we have revealed a few images of the latest brand new hillclimb car to be produced by legendary manufacturer Pilbeam Racing Designs.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

The MP101 is the first Pilbeam to be specifically built to take a motorcycle engine


A couple of weeks ago company boss Mike Pilbeam very kindly sent us images showing the car without its bodywork so we could have a look at some of the technical details on the car.

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More MP101 Details

Hot on the heels of our post at the end of last week bringing news of the new Pilbeam chassis which have recently been unveiled, we have some more details about the hillclimb chassis which has been ordered by Mike Tregoning.


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

The MP101 was unveiled on the Pilbeam website last month (thanks to Mike Pilbeam)


The MP101, which is the first Pilbeam to have been built specifically for a motorcycle-based engine installation, is Pilbeam’s first brand new hillclimb car since 2009.

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New Pilbeams Revealed

One of the biggest names in our sport is Pilbeam Racing Designs. Mike Pilbeam’s company dominated British Hillclimbing at National level for 20 years between the mid 70s and the mid 90s, winning 17 British Hillclimb Championship titles for some of the legends of our sport including Roy Lane, Martyn Griffiths, Martin Bolsover and Andy Priaulx.

Roy Lane Pilbeam MP58

The late, great Roy Lane at Martini Hairpin with his title-winning MP58-Judd (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


In recent years the Pilbeam marque has focused on sportscar racing on the circuits. This, combined with the massive success of the Gould composite chassis’ which have dominated the hills for the past 15 years or so, has seen the Pilbeam star shine slightly less brightly than it has in the past.

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Pilbeam to Lotus

Ciaron Pilbeam may not be the first person hillclimb enthusiasts think of when ‘Pilbeam’ is mentioned, but he is certainly a very highly respected Race Engineer in the world of Formula 1.

Alastair Douglas Osborne Pilbeam MP62

Ciaron used this MP62 (driven here by ADO) at Prescott in 1994 & 1995 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The son of Pilbeam designer/constructor Mike Pilbeam had a stab at hillclimbing in the mid to late 1990s when he used the then works MP62 (now owned by the Alexander family) and MP82 (now owned by the Ede brothers) at selected Midlands BHC rounds.

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New Pilbeam for 2013!

Following a tip-off at the British Hillclimb dinner on Saturday evening, we have done a little digging and discovered news of another new hillclimb car taking shape for 2013.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP88


Legendary hillclimb car designer Mike Pilbeam is building a new car for this season, and it will be the first Pilbeam built specifically for a motorcycle engine.

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Hillclimb Suspension Development

Over the years the British Hillclimb scene has seen a huge amount of technical innovation, in particular (traditionally) in the area of suspension and steering.

Will Hall Force WH

Traditional, but highly effective pushrod/monoshock set-up on the Force WH


From the early days of the BHC when ERAs used clever radius arms in conjunction with leaf springs to generate immense traction, through the transverse leaf-springs of the early Coopers, to wishbones with the 1960s mid-engined cars we’ve seen it all… Or have we?

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