Introducing… The OMS 28!

Today, at Prescott Hillclimb, reigning British Hillclimb Champion Trevor Willis unveiled his new for 2013 OMS 28 car.


Trevor Willis OMS 28

Number 1 on the nose of the new OMS 28


The car features a new lighter carbon fibre composite chassis with a lower centre of gravity than the OMS 25 chassis Trevor has used since the beginning of the 2011 season.

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Shelsley National Preview

‘The Big One’ at Shelsley Walsh this weekend looks like being an absolute cracker, and well worthy of it’s title. The entry list shows a great selection of all the usual front-runners, along with a number of familiar faces who haven’t been running for a while.

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Weekend Club Event Round-up

Last weekend was very busy around the regions with events taking place all over the place. Here is a quick overview of the events taking place:

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The Word from North of the Border

We haven’t had a proper update from the Scottish Hillclimb scene since back before the Doune National. Our Scottish Correspondent Danger Mouth has been in touch with this report on his recent travels.

It was nice to see everyone at Doune.  Lee Adams won both run offs  with Scott second on both.  Other Scottish interest in the run offs was Steve Marr in the ex. Rob Barksfield PCD Saxon, but unfortunately it broke.  Wallace Menzies has a car that does not sound nice but goes well and he scored a 3rd and a 4th.  Trevor Willis did not have a very good weekend in the new OMS25 V8.  After having an off at Garden Gate on Saturday and repeating this, but not as bad, in the second run off.  Alistair Crawford did his usual of qualifying for an odd run off and got a point.  Jos Goodyear had another trip up north with some sucess getting points in both run offs and keeping it on the track.  Dave Uren had a good weekend qualifying the green Force for both run offs but not scoring any points.
Last weekend it was the annual Scottish Sprint at Alford.  First time I have been there and it was a good day. Alford Sprint is held on the oval go kart track at the Grampian Transport Museum in the middle of Alford.  Daughter of Pete Lawton had one of her first goes that I know of in the yellow Citroen Saxo.  Donald Macaskill was entered but didn’t race as I think the car was broken yet again.  Graeme Bremner was very quick as usual in the turbo charged Radical. FTD went to Roy Munro in the red OMS. George Ritchie was Clerk and showed off his Ferrari 458 italia. 
It was good to see that Wallace Menzies took his second ever win in Jersey and Tom New got his with the Chris Merrick Gould in Le Val des Terres.
We will be out for the last two meetings of the year in the British Championship at Doune and then Loton Park.
The next Scottish round for us will be Fintray in August but I think the next round is back at Kames at the weekend.

Thanks for the news DM, we look forward to your next report and to seeing you back at a BHC round soon!

Another Double for Lee

Torbay Motor Club’s Mamhead weekend concluded today with another FTD for OMS driver Mike Lee.

Despite slippery conditions at the short, but very busy Devonshire hill Lee managed a run nearly a 1/4 of a second quicker than yesterday’s winning run. 2nd overall went to Ralt driver David Sims, who narrowly beat his old man ‘Revin’ Roy and Cornish Van Diemen driver Paul Crute.

Other notable class wins at this event, which saw the grateful competitors receive no less than 4 timed runs, were secured by ASWMC front runners Martyn Pike & Ian Yeo as well as Mr Ruptured Duck himself Mark Alley who ran the Global GT solo this weekend as Lynsey was rocking out at Glasto!

Prescott Practice

Glorious weather, lots of runs and some great times came out of one of the best days hillclimbing I can remember at The Lawns. The practice day started out damp, particularly under the trees through The Esses, but it soon burnt off as the sun came out late morning.

Glamorous Granny Sandra Tomlin warms the tyres

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