Film Night 20

With there being very few championship hillclimb events this weekend we thought that we would restart a favourite old series here at and have another Film Night.

Having just had the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, the Formula 1 World Championship is just past its half way stage. We stumbled across an excellent series of YouTube videos on ‘The Racers Edge’ section of Peter Windsor’s ever-fascinating F1 blog so we thought that we would share them.

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Time for a special Formula 1 based Film Night tonight. As winter testing for the Formula 1 World Championship concludes at the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain this evening, we thought that we should have a look at some of the rich history of motorsports premier category.

Possibly the most respected team on the grid is Williams F1, known to most fans of the sport as Williams Grand Prix Engineering (the title of the team during their heyday in the 1980s). Even if you are a fan of another team, most people would probably name the family run team from Grove in Oxfordshire as their second favourite team. So let’s have a look at a series of films celebrating the rich history of the team which has so far claimed 7 F1 World Drivers Championship titles, and look set to have a bit of a renaissance during 2014 if testing times are anything to go on.

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Toet Talks

Journalist Peter Windsor may have been unsuccessful in his bid to get US F1 onto the F1 grid in 2010, but the loss of an F1 team also meant that a very good journalist continued to report on the sport.

Willem Toet Hillclimb Pilbeam

Toet with the Pilbeam-Judd MP88 at Ashes Bend, Gurston in August  2004.


The US-based Australian, who incidentally worked with the late Sheridan Thynne at Williams Grand Prix Engineering in the 80s & 90s, writes a very good F1 centric blog.

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