Film Night 12

As many regular visitors to this site will know, we are very into American Motorsports here at and this weekend sees the start of the biggest series in American racing, the North American Stock Car Auto Racing series. NASCAR!

So Film Night this week will look at the Blue Riband race for the NASCAR series, the Daytona 500.

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Podium for Priaulx

After the disappointment of qualifying on Thursday evening, the BMW Motorsport BMW M3 GT of Andy Priaulx, Joey Hand and Dirk Muller recovered to finished 3rd in the GTE-Pro class of the Le Mans 24 race in France today.

The 1995 British Hillclimb Champion drove some cracking stints to overcome challenges from 3x Porsche 911 RSRs to claim the final spot in the podium at what was probably the most competitive Le Mans race ever.

The GTE-Pro class was expected to be an absolute classic but unfortunately the mice got at the machinery in a few cases and 1x Aston Martin Vantage, 1x Lotus Evora, 1x Porsche 911 RSR, 1x BMW M3 GT, 1x Chevy Corvette and 4x Ferrari F458s all fell by the wayside.

This attrition, plus the stunning fight at the front of the prototype field, somewhat overshadowed the catagory which has provided the best racing anywhere in the world over the past 3 years.

Very well done to Andy and his team-mates for this great result in the Worlds Greatest Motor Race.

Moran on Pole at Monaco!

Following a conversation during last years Monaco Grand Prix, and further fuelled by a small discussion at Gurston Down on Sunday (whilst the 2011 Monaco GP was in progress), I have been tasked with trying to answer one ‘simple’ question. What would Scotty do around Monaco ?

So, if Scott Moran were able to run a full lap of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit in his hillclimb Gould-NME GR61X, what sort of time could we expect and where would that time put him on the 2011 F1 grid.

As Piers refused to ask Ron if Scott could have a day in McLaren’s simulator, I needed to get a calculator out! In order to shortcut the process, and to simplify it some what, I have decided to use the proven ‘percentage based’ system as used by Midweek Motorsport ( for their car comparison chart.

The first task was to discover a comparison between an F1 car and a Gould, which would have to be Graeme Wight Jnr’s appearances at Goodwood with his GR51B. During one of Graeme’s appearances at the Festival of Speed Allan McNish was also being timed in the then current 2002 Toyota F1. The times recorded were as follows:

McNish @ Goodwood - 41.65
Jnr @ Goodwood - 42.95

So McNish was 3% faster than Jnr up Goodwood.

Now we need to compare Wight Jnr’s pace with that of Scott Moran, as Scott’s Gould has the benefit of an NME V8 and 8 seasons of development, so I looked at their respective PBs at the main midland-ish hills.

Moran @ Shelsley - 22.83
Jnr @ Shelsley - 24.24 (6.2% difference)

Moran @ Prescott – 36.35
Jnr @ Prescott - 37.37 (2.8% difference)

Moran @ Gurston - 25.58
Jnr @ Gurston - 26.88 (5.1% difference)

Moran @ Loton Park - 44.42
Jnr @ Loton Park - 46.56 (4.8% difference)

Lets say that on average Scott is 5% quicker than Jnr was. Therefore, that would make Scott about 2% quicker than McNish.

In qualifying at Monaco in 2002 McNish set a time of 1:18.292 and a time 2% quicker than that would be a 1:16.726s.

However the Monaco track changed for 2003, with revisions to the swimming pool section which made the track considerably quicker. Looking at times for 2002, 03 & 04 it appears as though the track is in the region of 3.5s faster.

Applying that to Scott’s theoretical lap means that his 2011 lap time would be 1:13.226. This means that last Saturday he would’ve been on pole position, nearly half a second faster than Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull!

I am low-flying with this one and am waiting to be shot down! If you have tried this yourself, you disagree with my methods or if you have anything to add then please get in touch and let us know.

Blast from the Past 2

Teaboy dropped us an email over the weekend and brought to our attention a stunning video of Shelsley Walsh filmed at a British Hillclimb Championship round in 1990. The film, which is voiced by Radio Le Mans legend Neville Hay, shows some class runs a couple of interviews and then full coverage of the Top 12 Run Off.

Amongst the drivers shown in this film are ‘Great Drivers’ Roy Lane, David Grace, Martyn Griffiths and Ray Rowan as well as current competitors Tony Wiltshire, Deryk Young, Richard Brown and Rob Turnbull.

Check out this link to see the footage on youtube.