Hollier’s Home Run

Up until the late-1990s, the Five Clubs partnership’s traditional hillclimb weekend at Wiscombe Park in Devon was a British Hillclimb Championship round. These days the event is a double-header round of the ASWMC Hillclimb Championship, but is always a very popular weekend in the South West.

Ed Hollier Empire 00 Evo

The Empire 00 Evo (seen here in testing) claimed it’s debut wins at Wiscombe Park.


Despite other big hillcimb events across the South of England, the BHC at Prescott and then final round of Gurston Down’s season, the Five Clubs attracted a very good entry to the parkland hill.

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Blasts from the Past in Ulster

Whilst at the British Hillclimb Championship round at Craigantlet, near Belfast, in Northern Ireland last weekend, we spotted some fascinating kit amongst the local entry.

Craigantlet Hillclimb

The famous view from the crossroads at Craigantlet


There was a huge field of local Ulster competitors present and several familiar and very interesting bits of kit featured amongst the class runners. Let’s have a look at a small selection of the cars competing.

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Mannic Morris!

The recent Midland Hillclimb Championship event at Shelsley Walsh celebrated the 100th anniversary of Morris Cars. As part of this celebration, a large number of Morris cars were exercised on the hallowed 1000 yards in demonstration runs.

Nic Mann Morris Minor


A couple of familiar hillclimbing faces popped up in these demo runs. Father of Zipp Photography’s Rich Danby, and Will Hall’s gofor, Paul Danby brought his own Morris called Ethel to his local hill, but most of the crowd’s attention was diverted to what must be the fastest Morris ever to climb The World Famous hillclimb.

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Wiscombe Class Round-up

The records were by no means confined to the Top 12 Run Offs at Woolbridge MC’s Wiscombe Park British Championship round at the weekend. With Leaders Hillclimb Championship points up for grabs the title chasers were trying hard.

Kings Mews Racing

The Kings Mews Elan ran in the Invitation Class


Plenty of local drivers came out to play as well, both in the Championship classes and the ‘buffer classes’ at the end of the program, and many of them pushed the National boys to the limit.

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Return of ‘Old Number 1′

It was great to see the return to the hills at the weekend of one of the most illustrious single-seater chassis in the sport. 

Kenny Allen Pilbeam MP58

Kenny Allen at Shelsley Walsh in MP58-01 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


 Few would argue that the Pilbeam MP58 was the high-water mark for the Lincolnshire-based racecar manufacturer. The MP58 was a large, honeycombe chassis’d single-seater designed & built from the late 1980s onwards featuring a variety of engines from the 1600cc Cosworth BDA, right up to F1 V8s and even a 5.4l TVR/Rover V8.

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Action Packed Shelsley

The Midland Automobile Club hosted a one day clubby at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday as a precurser to the VSCCs annual visit to the hallowed tarmac of the Teme Valley on Sunday.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb


It was a great day for the Pilbeam marque as Tim Davies stormed to FTD in his Millington-engined MP88 model, ahead of John Jones in similar chassis (albeit with Cosworth XD Turbo power).

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