Hollier’s Home Run

Up until the late-1990s, the Five Clubs partnership’s traditional hillclimb weekend at Wiscombe Park in Devon was a British Hillclimb Championship round. These days the event is a double-header round of the ASWMC Hillclimb Championship, but is always a very popular weekend in the South West.

Ed Hollier Empire 00 Evo

The Empire 00 Evo (seen here in testing) claimed it’s debut wins at Wiscombe Park.


Despite other big hillcimb events across the South of England, the BHC at Prescott and then final round of Gurston Down’s season, the Five Clubs attracted a very good entry to the parkland hill.

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More Results Developments

Hot on the heels of the fantastic South West Timekeeping results printing service we reported on following the Wiscombe Park National meeting last month, a similar system has now hit the Midlands!

Janus Timing John Warren

Results print-outs from Shelsley Walsh at the weekend


Having seen the system at Wiscombe, a good few hours were spent in a darkened room by Janus Timing (aka. John Warren), and Malvern Motorsports Timing Services (MMTS) had a system of their own.

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Results Developments

We’ve been meaning to bring one of the best developments in our sport in recent years to a wider audience for a little while now.

South West Timekeepers

Results sheets available at the recent Wiscombe National meeting


Timing is absolutely critical to our sport, everything about the discipline of Speed Hillclimbing hinges around those little numbers on the clock. The speed and accuracy of results can transform an event, as was proved at a recent BHC event when the results service was rather on the slow side.

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