Event Round-up…. Channel Islands

From Harewood the championship circus went on its holidays with the annual trip to Channel Islands, for Bouley Bay (Jersey) on Thursday and Le Val des Terres (Guernsey) on Saturday.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

Jos Goodyear on the Bouley Bay startline in 2012.


These relatively low speed, public road events were expected to favour the diminutive little GWR Raptor of Jos Goodyear, but his success on the weekend didn’t come quite as quickly as expected.

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Bank Holiday Thrills

Whilst the British Hillclimb Chanmpionship runners were recovering from Gurston Down over the Bank Holiday weekend, the guys & girls on the Channel Island of Guernsey were charging up and down Le Val des Terres hillclimb.

Zef Eisenberg

Zef Eisenberg over the finish at the Terres, see… He really is mad!! (thanks to Andrew Le Poidevin/www.guernseymotorsport.com)


As always for events on the Island, our old mate ‘The Voice’ was keeping his eye on events, and he has kindly put together his usual entertaining report.

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Le Val des Terres – 2014 Events

The calendar tour of the UK continues today with another visit across the English Channel, this time to the Crown Dependency of Guernsey.

Jon Dunne Lancer Evo

John ‘Bunman’ Dunne prepares for a run at Terres Hill (thanks to The Voice).


Le Val des Terres Hillclimb which runs out of the Island capital St. Peter Port is another public road venue which is hugely popular with spectators and competitors alike.

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Bank Holiday Fun at The Terres

We understand that Guernsey flyer Darren Warwick scored yet another Les Val des Terres hillclimb FTD on Monday at the traditional Bank Holiday event on the edge of St Peter Port.

Darren Warwick Dallara F301

Darren Warwick continued his domination at Le Val des Terres on Bank Holiday Monday.


The Dallara-Vauxhall driver narrowly missed setting another PB, but he did close to within a tenth of a second of his fastest ever time on his second class run with 28.00s.

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Les Val des Terres – 2nd Run Off Result

Jos Goodyear claimed his first win of the year in the 2nd Top 12 Run Off at Les Val des Terres this afternoon, and also reclaimed his Outright Hill Record from Scott Moran. The results of the Run Off are as follows:

1/ Jos Goodyear – GWR Raptor – 27.17s
2/ Scott Moran – Gould GR61X – 27.62s
3/ Trevor Willis – OMS 28 – 27.85s
4/ Darren Warwick – Dallara F301 – 27.95s
5/ Wallace Menzies – DJ Firestorm – 28.15s
6/ John Bradburn – Gould GR55 – 28.28s
7/ Will Hall – Force WH – 28.41s
8/ Roger Moran – Gould GR61X – 28.69s
9/ Nick Saunders – EI Sturdza Reynick – 28.83s
10/ Tom New – Gould GR55 – 29.12s
11/ Richard Spedding – Force PC – 29.24s
12/ Alex Summers – DJ Firehawk – FAIL

Championship leader Scott Moran stayed ahead of rival Trevor Willis second time up to extend his Championship lead to 8 points.

Results are unofficial.

Times are available at www.resultsman.co.uk.

Les Val des Terres – 2nd Top 12 Run Off Qualifying Order

The qualifying order for the 2nd Top 12 Run Off at Les Val des Terres is as follows:

1/ Jos Goodyear – GWR Raptor – 27.44s
2/ Scott Moran – Gould GR61X –TBC
3/ Alex Summers – DJ Firehawk – 28.20s
4/ Darren Warwick – Dallara F301 – 28.50s
5/ Nick Saunders – EI Sturdza Reynick – 28.60s
6/ Trevor Willis – OMS 28 – TBC
7/ Richard Spedding – Force PC – 28.81s
8/ Tom New – Gould GR55 – 28.83s
9/ Wallace Menzies – DJ Firestorm – 28.87s
10/ Will Hall – Force WH – 29.09s
11/ Roger Moran – Gould GR61X – 29.12s
12/ John Bradburn – Gould GR55 – 29.26s

Qualifier first time up Dangerous Brother Paul Le Messurier missed out on a place this time after a slow 44s qualifier.

Results are unofficial.

Times are available at www.resultsman.co.uk.