More Media Coverage

The guys and girls at Torbay Motor Club have tipped us off about some great coverage that the sport has received down in the South West this week.

Devon-based MotorMad internet TV show filmed a feature about Torbay Motor Club and it’s members over a couple of events during last season.

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Ralt Returns Home

Sorry about the radio silence for the past few days, unfortunately the day job tends to get in the way at this time of year!

Tony Wiltshire Ralt

Wilt in the Ralt during his Sprint Championship campaign in 2004 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Despite having run his ex. Marsh Gould GR55 for the past couple of years, Tony Wiltshire is best known for his exploits with the Ralt RT34 which he built specifically for hills & sprints back in the early noughties.

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Dallara Return

There will be a ‘new’ Dallara F3 chassis appearing in the 2-litre class at the UK Mainland hills during the 2013 season.

Colin Le Maitre

Colin Le Maitre at Le Val des Terres in 2007 (thanks to Our Correspondent)


In 2007 Guernsey driver Colin Le Maitre campaigned a modified Dallara F399 with TOMS Toyota power at Channel Island and Continental hillclimbs.

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Whilst scanning about on the net at the weekend, looking for something else, we stumbled across some British Hillclimb Championship action on an internet TV channel!

James Wills Sandra Tomlin Brayspeed

Mr Editor interviews Sandra Tomlin  for Brayspeed


Back in 2008 & 2009 Tony Bray and his Brayspeed TV operation produced a number of programs, originally for Motors TV, covering all forms of hillclimb action from club events to the BHC.

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2012 in Pictures – Drivers at Rest

Our photo selection from the 2012 British Hillclimb paddock concludes today with another look at some of the drivers.

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2012 in Pictures – Spy Shots

As with our first full season covering the hills in 2011, we have accrued a great selection of photos showing all elements of paddock life in 2012. As a little Christmas treat we thought that we would show our favourites. So, over the next few days keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot yourself!

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