Gurston’s Car Showroom

Saturday at Gurston Down saw an unprecedented number of hillclimb cars changing hands as 2012 plans become firmed up prior to the end of this season.

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TKD Torque

Unfortunately Saturday evening at Prescott saw Howard Savage-Jones packing up and taking the TKD Lola V8 back to Terry Davis’ Cheltenham works.

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TKD V8 is Worth the Wait

It was great to see Howard Savage-Jones out at Shelsley Walsh at the weekend with his innovative Lola-TKD.

Terry Davis has worked his socks off to get the car ready after the slight engine delays described in our previous post.

Howard Savage-Jones in his Lola-TKD YV8

The car features an ex. Formula 3 Lola B05 carbon tub with an unstressed 2-litre V8 engine, based on a pair of Yamaha WSB-spec barrels, heads & throttle bodies. The engine revs to 13,000rpm and produces around 370bhp which, combined with it’s low crank-height and feather-weight 86kg mass, should make it a very strong prospect in the class.

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