BHC Season Review Part 7 – Will Hall

No weekend break for us this week as we plough on with our driver-by-driver look back at the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship season.

Will Hall Force WH

Will Hall rolls into pre-start at Barbon Manor hillclimb.


The next installment covers the man who won the final championship Run Off of the 2012 season and who had very high hopes for the new season with his unique chassised and engined contender, Midlander Will Hall and is 3.5 litre Force-Nissan WH.

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Rowan Returns

One of the legends of British Hillclimbing will return to the cockpit of a competition car at a speed event this weekend.

Ray Rowan Roman IV

Ray Rowan in the original Roman chassis at Shelsley Walsh in 2007


After challenging at the top end of the sport for a couple of years, in 1989 Walsall-based engineer Ray Rowan secured the British Hillclimb Championship with his self-built, 4-cylinder Hart powered Roman IV.

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Harewood Heat

Harewood Hillclimb hosted its second British Hillclimb Championship event of the year last weekend and we certainly saw a bit of everything over the weekend with scorching temperatures, new records, a bit of history and few surprises!

Roger Moran Gould GR61X

Roger Moran returned to form in the 2nd shoot out


Former triple BHC winner Scott Moran became the most succesful hillclimber in history (in terms of Run Offs) by claiming his 105th & 106th shootout wins in the Gould GR61X, and took FTD with a new outright hill record in the opening Run Off. But he was pushed very hard…

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Shelsley Starts!

For the first time in 2013 the Teme Valley in Worcestershire reverberated to the sound of highly tuned racing engines at the weekend as the Midland Hillclimb Championship made its first of three visits to Shelsley Walsh.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb

The Shelsley Walsh ‘Dyno’


The hallowed tarmac of The World Famous venue was in fantastic condition following a whole host of winter improvements and records tumbled as a result. Both the resurfacing to The Esses section and the improved banking on the inside of Crossing Bend seemed to be universally popular amongst the drivers.

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Shelsley Shorts

Unfortunately our coverage of the Midland Hillclimb Championship round at Shelsley Walsh over the weekend was somewhat trashed by a total lack of mobile signal.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb

The new tarmac in The Esses certainly gave good grip


All of our tweets bounced and as a result we were unable to bring you the news & goings-on live from The World Famous venue as usual.

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BHC Runners – 2013 Mods and Tweeks

As you would expect for the first Championship round of the year, there were a many new drivers in new cars and even more drivers in existing cars, but with tweeks and mods for the new season at Prescott.

Trevor Willis OMS 28

Trevor Willis at speed in the new OMS 28 (thanks to Our Correspondent)


We will bring some more detail and analysis over the coming days, but in the meantime let’s have a bit of a run down of the top 10 from last year and see what has kept them occupied over the winter.


1/ Trevor Willis

The reigning champ arrived at Prescott (for the second time in three years) with a brand new OMS chassis to shakedown.

The OMS 28 is a new design for Steve & Lynne Owen’s Yorkshire based company, which features different front suspension geometry, lower overall weight and a much lower centre of gravity.

As expected, Trevor has retained the succesful Powertec/RPE V8 engine and Hewland gearbox from his previous OMS 25.


2 & 3/ Scott & Roger Moran

Former title winners Scott & Roger already have one of, if not the, most developed car in the paddock, so there isn’t as far to go for them.

They have rebuilt the gearbox for the new year, but that is about it for winter mods.

Indeed, Helen Moran told us on Sunday that after the final round of 2012 at Loton Park in September, the duo didn’t even look at the car until about 6 weeks ago!


4/ Jos Goodyear

Car constructor Graeme Wight Jnr has been a very busy bunny over the winter with a whole host of mods to the giant-killing GWR Raptor for 2013.

The car is now methanol-fuelled, which has given a big boost to both power and torque. As well as the power increase, suspension and diff cradle mods have taken a good chunk of weight out of the already ‘Wee’ beasty. These mods have brought the car’s power to weight ratio to the magic 1000bhp/tonne, which is higher than Wight Jnrs 2001 & 2002 title-winning Gould V6!

To help keep the new horses under control, Motorsport Electronics expert Jos has fitted a pneumatic flappy paddle gearbox, as well as traction and launch control.


5/ Wallace Menzies

As always, Del Quigley and the team at DJ Racecars have been absolutely flat-out on their lead driver’s car over the winter, concentrating mainly on engine and gearbox modifications as the car received a new tub towards the end of 2012.

The already brutally powerful Cosworth XD engine has been converted to run on methanol fuel in the hunt for more power for this year and a reasonable lump of weight has been taken out of the gearbox.


7/ Will Hall

Car designer & constructor Ian Dayson of Force Racing Cars has also sorted out a whole host of mods for the Force WH this season.

These modifications include a new rear wing from DJ Racecars, as well as sidepods and a new ground effect floor for the lightweight V6 powered car.

The Nissan/World Series by Renault V6 engine has also come in for some attention, as Dick Langford at LPE has installed new cams in the hunt for more power.

Force WH Will Hall


Force WH Will Hall



8/ Tom New

As yet in 2013, the New Techniques boss hasn’t been out in the ex. Lane/Merrick Gould GR55. Due to the amount of work he has been doing for customers he has been unable to complete the rebuild on his own car as yet!

We understand though, that the big 4-litre Judd EV Formula 1 engine has been rebuilt and will feature a new ECU and management when it appears a bit later on in the 2013 season.


9/ John Bradburn

The Midlander, whose car is looked after and run by Ian Dayson of Force Racing Cars, has concentrated on engine modifications over the winter.

Already one of the most powerful packages in the sport, the Cosworth HB Formula 1 engine (as used by Ayrton Senna and McLaren to win that amazing European Grand Prix at Donington Park in 1993) has been back to Cosworth and has returned with a full-house launch and traction control package to temper the 700+ horses.


10/ Richard Spedding

Spedding will share with Welsh Wizard Eynon Price this year and has made a number of aero changes to the Force PC in order to try to keep the all-conquering GWR Raptor in sight during 2013.

New sidepods and a heavily sculpted undertray/diffuser are the obvious changes.

This is another car which has acquired launch and traction control.
So, there is a quick run down of the top 10, but keep checking back over the coming days for more of the finer points of the runners & riders at National level this year.

Force PC Richard Spedding


Force PC Richard Spedding