Terrific Terres

The second of the series of competitive hillclimbs organised by the Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club on the Channel Island of Guernsey took place on Bank Holiday Monday.

John Dunne Mitsubishi Evo

John ‘the Bunman’ Dunne was on great form on Guernsey


Although we couldn’t be there in person, we did have our spies out and about on the Crown Dependency to keep an eye on things and to report back.

Our Channel Island correspondent Lee ‘The Voice’ Corbet has kindly put together the following report:

“What a day for Sarah Gaudion at the Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club second hill of the year it was yesterday. All three of her timed runs beat her previous best on the Val des Terres showing she is the dominant force and rightly holds the accolade of the fastest lady ever to grace our hill. Sarah was experimenting with recently added traction control and set a new personal best of 30.69 seconds and in her class was only just pipped at the post by Justin Smith for the overall class win.

Sarah Gaudion OMS CF09

Sarah Gaudion receives the plaudits after her record-breaking run


John “The Bunman” Dunne was also on fine form. Yours truly was first official run on the hill for the day so technically held BTD…. But it only lasted for 35.04 seconds as the next one in the hill was the great man himself. John then lowered his record again on his second timed run to a fantastic time of 34.90 in the Road Going Series Production class. Before the year started the record had stood at 37.00 so 2.1 seconds has been torn away from the record books in only 7 official timed runs. Quite an achievement indeed.

Darren “The Shag” Warwick (presumably named after the Cornish Sea Bird – Ed) was, as anticipated, holder of BTD with a 28.71 second climb in his Dallara and was on his usually nonchalant form as we have come to expect from him although there was some concern after his first timed run as his motor dumped a lot of fluid whilst parked in top paddock.

Other notable achievements of the day were……

Tia Harvey (Grand daughter of Jagernought driver Peter Clarke) setting a 35.32 in her 125 Kart lowering the record by 0.05 seconds

Martin Young setting a 38.93 in the Sports Libre Rally Car class up to 1600, lowering his own record by 0.36 seconds

Paul “Sooty” Priaulx setting a 29.74 in the Racing Cars 601 to 1100 class lowering his own record by 0.13 seconds

Andy “Sideways” Digard setting a 38.91 record on his immaculate classic Yamaha RD400 lowering his previous best by 0.79

Finally, Ian “Dangerous Brother” Le Messurier had a spectacular off in his Lemtech DB03 at Terres house ending up in the garden and had to be extracted from the car. Fortunately he was able to return to the event later in the day to confirm he was without injury. Nigel Ozanne also managed to remove the front of his Mallock on his final run but again suffered no injuries.

All in a great day at the races and we look forward now to the next event on the 27th May organised by the Guernsey Kart and Motor Club this time.”

Lee Corbet Westfield SEi

The Voice’s Team Manager Snoopy allowed him to compete at The Terres!



Thanks so much for this report Lee, it is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to Sarah for a brilliant performance, and to Darren for another stunning time


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