The Beast is Back!

Today we have heard the news that one of the most exciting cars to have been seen on the hills in recent years may well be waking from its slumber and preparing for some serious exercise.

Christian Mineeff SPA Judd

Christian Mineeff blasts the SPA-Judd over East Bray at Doune in 1998 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The SPA-Judd is a sports racing car which started life as a 2.8 litre Hart powered car in the early 90s. Original owner David Render used the car in hills and sprints before selling it on to Ferrari & Lancia enthusiast Christian Mineeff. Christian then had the car completely reworked and converted to F1 power with a 3.5 litre Judd CV power plant. Aero developments by Gould Engineering in the late 1990s made this car the fastest sports racer on the hills bar none.

In the hands of Mineeff, occasionally British F3 race winner Martin O’Connell (nephew of Ray Rowan), and then later Matt Harrison the SPA became the car to beat and set Sportscar records everywhere.

About 3 or 4 years ago the car was sold to Salisbury based Gurston specialist Chris Cannell to be used at his local hill. Chris then focused on using his Force SR8 and his brilliant St Bruno Roughcutter, so the SPA sat unused for a couple of years… But now it is back!

Former Mallock & Vision driver Stephen Cunningham was looking for a hillclimb car, asked the advice of his mate Tom Brown who said ‘the SPA is the best car in the country and is currently unused”, so a call was made to Chris Cannell and a deal was struck.

Stephen & Tom will share the car at selected events this year, starting with the opening Gurston Down event at the end of April, and they may even take in a few sprints as well.

We spoke to Tom about the car earlier today and he said: “The car is in my garage right now, and it looks gorgeous! We will have it checked over by Ian Dayson at Force Racing Cars, and then get out and use it. I have always loved this car and cannot wait to have a go in it!”.

Fantastic news guys, we really cannot wait to see this beasty hit the hills again.

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