The Best Club Hillclimb in the Country?

Camel Vale Motor Club’s relatively young Castle Hillclimb may just be the best kept secret in British Motorsport. No, I am not exaggerating!

The former access road to the Lostwithial Water Treatment Works, right next to Llanhydrock House some 20 miles from the Tamar is best described as being similar to a ‘right-handed’ Shelsley Walsh.

It is pure and simple club motorsport, on a challenging course, and with a very rustic feel as you only get at the extreme corners of the British Isles these days.

Cornish Motorsport has taken a real hammering in recent years. Due to the complete absence of race circuits in the region rallying, trialing, sprinting and hillclimbing take on massive importance. Rallying has taken a big hit in the Dutchy in recent years due to the airforce bases being removed from use (and leading to the permanent cancellation of the Tour of Cornwall Rally) and this has also hit sprinting badly. Fortunately trialling and hillclimbing remain, albeit with reduced entries as the sprinters and rallyists aren’t there to play. Therefore the big hillclimb events have become increasingly important to the local clubs and enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, due to the horrendous weather experienced by the region during the past few weeks, Camel Vale had to take the tough decision not to run the July event as the paddock was unusable. We understand that the club very kindly took the hit and transferred entries to the August event which runs this weekend.


Lets hope that the Weather Gods look kindly on Cornwall this weekend and that the event runs without a hitch.

If you are in the area then pop on by, it’s peanuts to get in, great to watch at, has acceptable facilities and will have a varied & competitive entry. And if you are looking for an interesting event to do in 2013 then get in touch with Camel Vale Motor Club, you will receive a great welcome!


  1. Roger Jordan says:

    This event seems to be hillclimbings best kept secret, I went a few years ago as a spectator and immediately thought “right handed Shelsley “as well, very friendly and superbly run, well worth a visit, hoping to have a crack at it myself in the not to distant future.
    I believe a very rare breed of (semi) retired commentator may be seen lurking in the undergrowth this weekend !

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