The Big One – Run Offs

With the mass of great inter-class battles, combined with masses of new class records, it would have been easy to overlook the British Championship Top 12 Run Offs as a bit of a side-show. That would’ve been a mistake though.

At this point of the season, with dropped scores coming into play in just a couple of weeks time, there is everything to play for and every 1/100th of a second could prove to be vital by the end of the championship season.

First time up Scott Moran took his first Shelsley win of the year to claim the 10pts and move another step closer to what must surely be a 3rd BHC title. Scott set a time which would stand as 2nd FTD as he pulled out a neat 4/10th lead at the head of the pack.

The form driver of the moment Tom New used the massive grunt of the 4-litre Judd engine and a 2nd place qualifier to claim yet another podium spot as he tied for 2nd with Trevor Willis. Willis was experimenting with different aero configurations all weekend with the new for 2011 OMS 25. Eventually he ditched the sidepods and set his best Shelsley times yet.

Scotsman Wallace Menzies charged up in the amazing sounding DJ Firestorm to claim 4th place and join the front-runners in the 23 second bracket. The DJ team are still working to cure a brake issue with the Firestorm and hopefully will have an update in place by Gurston Down next weekend…

Roger Moran continued his unspectacular, but dramatically quick season with a 5th place finish and another 23. The 23 was necessary though as he pipped Chris Merrick back to 6th.

The ‘HB Brothers’ Turnbull & Bradburn battled mightily all week and ended up 2/100ths apart in their virtually identicle Cosworth HB-powered GR55s. The rampent power of their 700+ horsepower ex. F1 engines launching them into Kennel Bend as fast as anyone.

John Bradburn prepares for the 2nd Run Off

The other flying Scotsman, GWR Raptor driver Lee Adams, set his slowest time of the day in the 1st Run Off but it would still have been good enough for the 1600cc class win, such was his dominance. Adams claimed 2pts for 9th place, a remarkable performance for a bike-engined car in a dry Shelsley Run Off.

Cheltenham driver Alastair Crawford had his best weekend of the year with PBs all day in the ex. Baz Pitt GR55C. He claimed the last point to push Olly Tomlin and John Chalmers down to 11th & 12th.


1st Top 12 Run Off Result:

1/ Scott Moran – 23.40s
2= Trevor Willis – 23.77s
2= Tom New – 23.77s
4/ Wallace Menzies – 23.83s
5/ Roger Moran – 23.97s
6/ Chris Merrick – 24.17s
7/ John Bradburn – 24.78s
8/ Rob Turnbull – 24.80s
9/ Lee Adams – 25.04s
10/ Alastair Crawford – 25.07s
11/ Oliver Tomlin – 25.21s
12/ John Chalmers – 25.80s
The 2nd Run Off started so late (6pm) that most spectators were starting to drift away to prepare for the working week, but those that stayed saw the fastest time of the year at Shelsey and on the very last run of the day.

Scott Moran took a further 10pts as he pulled out a lead of more than half a second over Tom New and Wallace Menzies, these three were only 23s runners in the afternoon.

With yet another aero mod to the 25, Willis made up for a fairly poor qualifier and salvaged 4th place ahead of the super-consistant duo of Moran Snr and Merrick.

One of the least powerful cars in the Run Off exactly matched one of the most powerful as Adams & Bradburn proved that there is more than one way to climb Shelsley. Adams showed massive commitment through the corners whereas Bradburns 3.5 litre V8 just ate up the straight bits.

Crawford’s great weekend continued and he took a couple more points after qualifying with his 1st ever sub-25. He just missed out on another 24 in the Run Off, but it didn’t matter, he was delighted with his weekends work.

After not qualifying first time up, Will Hall salvaged a point from his weekend as he finished 10th, just ahead of our star of the day John Chalmers.

Eynon Price also qualified for the Run Off but he didn’t take a run so finished in last place.

2nd Top 12 Run Off Result:

1/ Scott Moran – 23.33s
2/ Tom New – 23.91s
3/ Wallace Menzies – 23.96s
4/ Trevor Willis – 24.09s
5/ Roger Moran – 24.35s
6/ Chris Merrick – 24.59s
7= Lee Adams – 24.96s
7= John Bradburn – 24.96s
9/ Alastair Crawford – 25.05s
10/ Will Hall – 25.19s
11/ John Chalmers – 25.63s
12/ Eynon Price – DNS

John Chalmers ready to go to the line

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