DJ Racecars

Del Quigley and Andy Smith’s small but dedicated engineering company burst on to the speed hillclimb scene in 1999 with a fairly simply, but seriously effective, tube frame car driven by the talented Mark Budget.

They have since moved onto develop the Firehawk (motorcycle engine) and Firestorm (V8 engined) carbon-tubbed cars. It won’t be long before the beautifully-built Firestorm is a runoff winner.


DJ Firestorm Wallace Menzies

The DJ Firestorm in the Doune paddock


DJ Racecars 2011

Another team on a high after the 2011 season. DJ bosses Andy Smith & Del Quigley started the season without a Run Off win to their credit, they ended it with 4 wins.

Lead driver Wallace Menzies was expected to win Run Offs with the latest iteration of the Cosworth V8 engined Firestorm, but the surprise was the performance of 2-litre find of the year Alex Summers. The Summers family acquired the ex. Gregory supercharged DJ Firehawk, sorted out it’s previously recalcitrant gearbox, and Alex stormed the field to take DJs (and his own!) first victory in the wet morning Run Off at Shelsely in June. With Menzies taking the afternoon win, this hard working team were exstatic.

With Menzies again spearheading the challenge, and several cars reappearing in the 2-litre class, 2012 should bring more excitement for the boys from Royston Vasey.

DJ Firehawk Suzuki Hayabusa Gurston Hill Climb

Ian Chard, DJ Firehawk Suzuki, Gurston Down Hill Climb