Double British Hillclimb Champion (2001 & 2002) Graeme Wight Jnr took on a new challenge for the 2005 British Championship, he became a constructor in his own right.

And he jumped in at the deep end, building his fantastic GWR Predator, complete with it’s 3-litre Arrows V10. This wonderful looking and sounding car struggled with gearbox reliability throughout it’s time on the hills but Graeme did manage to secure a runoff win at Doune in 2008.

Since then Graeme has retired the big car and developed a motorcycle engined version for 2009. This car, the GWR Raptor, has been phenomenally successful in the hands of it’s owner Lee Adams.


Lee Adams GWR Raptor Doune

Lee Adams in the GWR Raptor


GWR 2011

Graeme Wight Jnr must be pinching himself after the year that his Scottish team have had. Jnr had scored the first Run Off win for the team at Doune in 2008 with the V10 engined Predator, and twelve months ago few would have bet on Lee Adams adding to that with the tiny 1600cc Raptor. That he took 4 wins, and finished 5th overall in the BHC, was nothing short of remarkable.

The GWR was the chassis of the season. It was always beautifully prepared, and never seemed to have any problems, and Lee barely put a wheel out of place all season.

2012 will see a second Raptor on the hills, with hard-charger Jos Goodyear at the wheel, forming a two-car team with Adams in the 1600cc class. More Run Off wins, along with the Leaders Championship, have to be the target.

Lee Adams GWR Raptor Doune

The GWR Raptor in the Doune Paddock