Pilbeam Racing Designs

For so long the unmovable force in British Hillclimbing, in recent years Pilbeam have struggled to keep pace with the phenomenal cornering speed of the latest generation of Gould and DJ cars.

Pilbeam still hold the record of the most championship wins by a constructor, having scored 17 championships since Alastair Douglas-Osborn scored the first way back in 1977.

You can guarantee that Pilbeam will be amonst the front-runners again in 2011, particularly with Oliver Tomlin and Ash Mason in the latest MP97-Judds.


Sandra Tomlin Pilbeam MP97

Sandra Tomlin in her Judd-powered MP97 at Prescott


Pilbeam 2011

By their massively high standards 2011 was a disaster for Pilbeam. The flagship MP97s struggled for much of the year, Steve Day & Ash Mason battled the rampant horsepower of their Judd KV version before giving up the fight mid-season and selling the car, whereas Olly & Sandra Tomlin made a late start to the season and then even a talent like Olly struggled to qualify regularly against the bike-engined hordes.

Older chassis again provided some joy for Mike Pilbeam’s company, especially Andy Forsyth who took his Father’s Cosworth V8 powered MP58 to a second Gurston Top 10 Challenge win as well as a BHC point at Gurston in May.

There is an all-new motorcycle engined design on the drawing board in Bourne, as Mike Pilbeam told us in November, as well as a few updates for the MP88 chassis but Pilbeam will need a huge step in 2012 if they are to challenge at the front again.

Ash Mason Pilbeam MP97

Ash Mason in his Judd-powered MP97 at Prescott