We’re trying to get results of the individual British Championships up as quickly as possible from events. And we’re also trying to get the overall results for both the British Championship and the Leaders Championship live as soon as internet connections will allow us.

So, where you can find all of this?

As it’s dotted around the site we thought we should probably put it all in one place so:

  • For live updates from the events – see the twitter feed in the left hand menu (or follow us on twitter)
  • British Hillclimb Championship Results Tables (Google spreadsheet)
  • British Hillclimb Championship Leaders Results Tables (Google spreadsheet) – coming soon
  • There’s also far more information than we can cover on ResultsMan – who run live timing from many events around the UK

If you take a look at the British Hillclimb Championship Results and the Leaders Championship Results you’ll see we’ve set each up as a Google Docs Spreadsheet. And in each there’s both a leader board, and the results from each round.

The great thing about the Google Docs Spreadsheet is – you can export a copy for yourself and manipulate it in your own Google Docs account OR import it into excel.

2011 Results: